Blogging Requires Balls

I’m writing this post at 4.30 in the morning. I couldn’t sleep and decided to check my Blackberry only to find one of my more personal and emotionally driven posts (I swore I wouldn’t post while upset or in a bad mood, but it happened) smack dab on the front of with a totally rude comment. Great.

First off, of ALL the blog posts I’ve written, this post about my “divorce” is the last one I want to appear on the front of Brazen Careerist. I even considered taking it down 20 minutes after I posted it because I figured a. no one cares, and b. it is probably unprofessional to get so personal on a career blog.

Lucky for me, this is the SECOND post in the past week which has appeared on the front page of Brazen with a rude comment that sort of irked me upon first glance. A few days ago, my post about helping women through Entrepreneurship faced some heat from an angry non-profit person. Oh boy.

I often go back and forth about the level of personal “sparkle” I add to my posts. Sometimes I write bland posts that are completely factual like “How is Your Credit Score Determined.” These are very important posts, but honestly- anyone can write them.

I admire the Penelope Trunks and Jen Lancasters of the world who can openly talk about their dating experiences, funny quirks and true opinions without a shred of guilt or holding back. It is their honesty and willingness to get personal that makes them two amazing bloggers who have gone on to become very successful by being authentic.

So although I understand that my bosses, clients and future employers can all read about my asshole x-boyfriend, and other personal opinions, I think I’m going to keep it real and be myself. Even if it means getting rude comments on the front page of Brazen. Being me is what’s going to set me apart from other bloggers and keep people entertained. It is also our bad experiences that teach us important lessons and those lessons should be shared.

If you aren’t willing to fall on your ass and laugh at yourself in front of everyone, what’s the point of living (or blogging for that matter), right?

Ms. Career Girl

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