Product Review: Airfree T800 Air Purifier

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Our “normal” used to be living and working in various little boxes we called home and the office.  Covid complicated that, I’m sure you’d agree.  Lots of us are now home more often, or always.  And air quality and freshness is definitely a thing now more than ever.   So when I was offered to opportunity to check out the Airfree T800 air purifier and freshener, I enthusiastically accepted.

Before Airfree

I have an RV, and I also made the leap to downsize into a tiny home this year.  So, both of the places you’re apt to find me are small.  And small spaces are notorious for developing their own special odors.   Not that they’re stinky.  It’s just their signature aroma.

Like most of us, my nose quit registering the usual smells.  So as long as I was present most of the time, I couldn’t really sense it.  But whenever I left the space for a day or two and then returned, it was pretty obvious.  There was definitely a house-a-tosis thing going on.

Setting it Up

The T800 has to be the easiest unboxing and setup ever.  Open the box, and plug it in.  Done.  There’s no filter to install, or change, ever. No switches, button, knobs, flashing lights giving signals you have to learn.

The T800 is designed for a small space, but of course there are other models for larger spaces.  This one fits nicely out of the way and operates silently.

My Results and Impressions

After leaving the space unoccupied for the Memorial Day weekend, and with the air here in the southwest very smokey right now, I was pleasantly surprised.  Walking into the area where the T800 is located, there was a noticeable “clean” in the air.

I’d give this rather inexpensive solution to bad air a very big “yes, buy it.”  Whether for your RV or for a tiny home, it’s a winner.  Now, I’ll be wanting a second one!


Jackie LaMar

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