Protect your skin with EezySun

eezysun sunscreen

As a one-time sufferer of skin cancer I am well aware of the need to protect my skin when I go outside.  Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to remember to apply sunscreen before heading out.  Carrying around a bottle of sunscreen in my purse already filled with everything under the sun doesn’t work for me.  All too often, I find myself already out in the sun before I remember the sunscreen.

The Hunt for the Right Product

I’ve hunted for the perfect sunscreen product that is convenient enough to be “on-the-go” and works for my sensitive skin.  I recently came across a product that I’ve fallen in love with.  It’s effective, portable, and even smells good.


EezySun comes in a small box of 10 packets.  Each packet is a quarter ounce or so.  The packets are easy to use.  I just fold it in half and it breaks open right in the middle.  Then I can easily squeeze out the sunscreen and apply it.  The best part – no tearing off corners to open it, and only a single piece to throw away after I use it.  There’s plenty of product in a single packet to protect my exposed skin from the Arizona sun.


Once of the reasons I like the product so much is that I can take 4-5 packets and slip them into my purse.  The flat packets take up almost no space, so no worries there!  If I forget to apply sunscreen before leaving the house, I just grab one of the packets out of my purse.   Did I mention that you can use a single hand to pop the packet and squeeze it out?  That proved to be invaluable when my husband had arm surgery and could only use one hand for 2 months!


The mineral-based EezySun comes in both 30 SPF and 50 SPF, in either 10-packet or 60-packet boxes.  It is a great product for anyone who needs a convenient sunscreen solution on-the-go.  I highly recommend you check it out today.