Put Your Best Face Forward: Club Smile Whitening Pen and Company Review

A great smile can take you places. It is the best power accessory a Career Girl can wear. It is so powerful that it can alter other people’s moods, instantly enhance your attractiveness, and can create strong and lasting impressions. Unfortunately, a winning smile isn’t always cheap or easy.

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So many people covet the ultra-white celebrity caliber smile. I, myself, am a big fan of the Cameron Diaz grin, or the Kate Hudson beam. Having white teeth improves your smile and your confidence tremendously. There are many whitening treatments in the market, and one that really got my interest is Club Smile’s Whitening Pen. A no-fuss and instant whitening solution? Yes, please! Club Smile is a company that allows people to subscribe to monthly home treatments for whiter and better looking teeth to a monthly service, where they’ll send you home whitening products and other dental hygiene supplies regularly. It allows you to whiten your pearly whites and keep it that way, and the best thing about it is that it can all be done at home. This is something that was really important for me, especially because my busy schedule doesn’t allow for long or frequent dental appointments.

So I dove right in and tried their Whitening Gel Pen. The gel pen claims that it can INSTANTLY whiten teeth and it is extremely easy to use. I was a skeptic. I don’t believe in magical products and it sounds too good to be true. I also am not the type to knock it until I’ve tried it, so I gave it a whirl and here’s what I think!




Ease of Use

Club Smile’s Whitening Gel Pen comes in a sleek silver tube, with a brush applicator and a twisting dial to control the release of the gel into the brush. It is small and light, and can fit into any travel kit easily. It is about the size and weight of a normal mascara tube so carrying it with you is really easy. The box comes with clear and easy to follow instructions. THE PEN – To be honest, using it for the first time was a bit confusing for me, even with the instructions. Blame it on my excitement, but I twisted the bottom of the pen too much that so much gel came out later on. You have to be patient and turn slowly, and feel with your fingertips if the brush is already moistened by the gel. It is hard to tell if you’ve twisted it enough because the gel is clear and the brush is white. However, the great thing is that gel has a glue-like consistency, and is not the type that runs down the side of the brush and makes a mess all over. You can simply wipe the excess off before you put it on.


Does it sting? Does it Work?

THE GEL – The instructions were to wipe your teeth dry and then brush the gel over your teeth as you smile really wide. You have to hold your smile for 60 seconds and then you’d be able to close your mouth and go on with your day. How easy is that! The gel is a 36% carbamide peroxide gel, which equates to about 12% hydrogen peroxide; which is a fairly strong formula. The highest you can typically get outside of a dentist office is 15% hydrogen peroxide, or 44% carbamide (most whitestrips are +/- 6% hydrogen). You would think that with such potent ingredients your mouth would make you feel some sort of reaction to the gel! It didn’t. It was very comfortable and painless. The most that you would have to get used to is a how it feels after the 60 second wait time.When you close your mouth again, it tends to have a thick and sticky feeling at first, but it isn’t anything that would bother or scare you from using the product. The first time I used the product, as the clear gel turned a little sticky and slightly thick on my teeth, it was almost as if the gel was melting off the cavities from them. I was really impressed to see that the next day, my teeth were noticeably lighter.   I have had a pesky yellow tooth stain on the side of my tooth since I can remember. A week later, the yellow stain is noticeably lighter and smaller! Unbelievable! The gel is FDA approved too, which guarantees the safety of this product. However, as with all other beauty products, you should see how you personally react to the gel.

It’s Not a Make Over, It’s a Lifestyle.

The thing with whitening teeth is that it is not a one-time big time thing. Sure, you can go for an expensive laser treatment, but even treatments of that scope recommends multiple sessions to reach ideal results. Club Smile endorses the same method, only what they offer is cheaper and more convenient. Club Smile subscribers will receive 3 whitening products per year, sent every 4 months. Those products are a custom fitted tray kit, the gel pen, and premium whitestrips. They’ll also get refills on other dental hygiene products and other goodies sent during the months in between. No more rushing to the store because you forgot to list down dental floss on your grocery list, and you can stop using the same toothbrush because you keep forgetting to buy a replacement. Do you know that you are supposed to retire your toothbrush every 3 months? Club Smile makes it easy for you to achieve ideal oral hygiene.

The Verdict

At the end of the day, I still stand by my original assumption before using the product: There is no such thing as a magical dental wand that will make your teeth beaming white in one minute. It does not work that way. There is, however, this amazing gel pen that lets you gradually, quickly, and noticeably show improvement in whitening your pearly whites, and it has to be complemented with impeccable and consistent oral hygiene habits. Club Smile doesn’t just offer a quick and easy whitening solution, it also offers a lasting one!

A smile can reflect many things: happiness, sincerity, enjoyment, excitement, confidence, and a wide array of positive emotions. Best of all, a smile is infectious, which makes it indispensible in a career girl’s daily look. When you have beautiful teeth, it is hard to hide the esteem that it brings. The key to achieving that winning smile is sincerity from within. Paired with perfect pearly whites, you are not only sure to go places, you are sure to leave an amazing impression everywhere you go.

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