Real Career Girls: René Banglesdorf Pushes Career Girls to Take Flight

As much as Amelia Earhart has raised the banner for women in flight, aviation is still quite a testosterone ruled industry. Meeting a woman who works in the flight business is still a jaw-dropping and awe-inspiring experience. When women conquer the challenges of such a male dominated industry,  they really turn out to be truly noteworthy people because in order to succeed they not only have to put in the hard work, they also have to turn up the confidence and chutzpah.

René Banglesdorf, CEO and Co-Founder of Charlie Bravo Aviation is one Real Career Girl to really look up to. Read on to learn more about the amazing story of this entrepreneurial icon!


What exactly do you do?

I own (and run) a company that buys and sells private jets and helicopters.

How did this path open up to you?

I started out doing marketing for a similar company where my husband worked. We decided to go out on our own in 2008 and started Charlie Bravo Aviation. As our kids grew up and I learned more and more of the business, I fell in love with aviation and the job and took on the CEO role.

How does a woman like you manage everything with a husband and children? Do you have a routine or trick to keep balance?

A lot of women quit even before they begin, discouraged by the challenges that lay ahead of them. René encourages women to keep dreaming and keep going, all while staying gorgeous in your best heels (or boots, in her case!)

René is a woman that has proven that no dream is too far out of reach, and that loving what you do can help you reach incredible heights. 

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