Redesigning Your Bedroom to Help You Sleep Better

Woman sleeping in bed. Woman sleeping isolated on white background.

Sleep is essential for our health and a very important part of our lives. Even though we might be unconscious and not actually experience it, humans sleep for a good portion of our lives – every single night, to be exact. In the home, the bedroom is the room that is most commonly used for sleeping purposes. And how your bedroom is designed and laid out can have an impact on how well you sleep at night. From the colors that you use to your comfort levels with the furniture that you have chosen for your bedroom, it can all have an impact. So, what should you keep in mind if you are redesigning your bedroom and want to make it a comfortable place where you can sleep better?

Mattress Choice:

One of the main things in your bedroom that will impact your sleep is your mattress. Since your mattress is the piece of furniture that you lie on every night when sleeping, it’s important to get the right one for you, as the wrong mattress can have a huge impact on your quality of sleep and whether or not you wake up feeling refreshed or stiff and in pain. Old mattresses are more likely to cause problems than others so if you’ve had your mattress for a decade or more, it’s definitely time to consider replacing it. Choose your mattress based on a number of factors, including your size and sleeping position. Of course, a new quality mattress can be a big investment, so you’ll want to check out the best mattress reviews here. 

Color Choice:

If you plan to redecorate your bedroom, the choice of color that you go for can make a difference to how you feel at night. When sleeping in your bedroom, the color on the walls can make all the difference to whether you’re kept up for a while or able to easily relax. Bright and bold colors might be more likely to keep you awake, while softer, pastel colors or soft neutrals are usually more relaxing. In addition to paint color, consider your choice of wallpaper if you are using this to redecorate your room. A subtle and calming pattern will help you wind down more compared to something that is very bold and bright. 


The lighting in your bedroom is a very important aspect to consider for getting better quality sleep at night. Some people struggle to get much sleep if there is any light coming into the bedroom so consider this when making your choice of curtains and/or blinds. Blackout blinds and curtains are an ideal choice since they will block any light coming in through the windows. Dimmable lights in your bedroom are also a good idea since they can help you wind down when you get in bed at night without launching you straight into pitch darkness. Smart lighting is a good choice for the bedroom, as you can easily use an app to set it to switch off automatically or dim when it’s time to go to bed and come back on in the morning to help you wake up – especially if you are using blackout curtains that block the morning light. 


Finally, adding good storage options to your bedroom is important for minimizing clutter and keeping the room tidy, which in turn will help you sleep at night. When your bedroom becomes cluttered because you don’t have enough space to store away your things, this can have an impact on your mind and your ability to wind down. Under-bed storage is a great way to make the most of all that floor space in a smaller bedroom. You might also want to consider getting built-in wardrobes to maximize the space in your bedroom and allow for more floor space. 

When it comes to getting better sleep, redesigning your bedroom can be a great place to start.