Reinvent Yourself with These Techniques

Sometimes you just get bored of the way you look. Maybe you’ve been dressing, doing your makeup or styling your hair in the same way for years. Perhaps it’s time that you changed your style to say something different about you. You might want to project an image of being a professional businesswoman or show that you’re fun and cool. Whatever you wish to do with your look, it’s not difficult to reinvent yourself. You could spend just a day or even a few hours changing your style. People might not be able to recognize you once you’re finished. Here’s how you can get started.

Dye Your Hair

It’s not uncommon to dye your hair when you want a new look. A change of color can refresh your style and make you feel alive again. Some women regularly change their hair color to keep things interesting. You don’t have to do anything drastic, though. While some women might like to use outrageous colors, you don’t have to go that far if you don’t want to. You could have some highlights put in if you want. Maybe you could select a natural color that differs from your own. Of course, if you wish to try something brighter, you could do that too.

Wear Colored Contacts

Your hair isn’t the only thing that can change color. You can also use colored contact lenses to give yourself a new eye color too. Even people who need to wear prescription lenses can wear them and get them at a low price. As with your hair, you have a choice of natural or more shocking colors. You could change to blue, brown or green, or you could try something that looks a little more supernatural. For example, some people wear purple contact lenses to make them look more interesting.

Get a New Wardrobe

If you love shopping for new clothes, getting a new wardrobe is an excellent way to get a new look. It doesn’t take long to build a capsule wardrobe of key pieces. You only need a few different items that you can mix and match. You might be drawn to a particular style, or maybe you want to project a certain image. Buying a whole new wardrobe can be expensive, though. If you wish to keep the costs down, try going shopping when there are lots of sales. You should be able to grab some bargains if you find discounts and special offers.



























Wear New Makeup

If you’re changing your wardrobe, you might want to adjust your makeup to fit it. There are lots of different styles you can use, whether you wish to wear a lot or a little makeup. Experiment with looks by learning from tutorials and trying things out on your own. You could find some new makeup techniques that you love, both for going out and for your daily routine.

It doesn’t take long to reinvent yourself entirely. You could look like a completely new person within a few hours.

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