4 Easy Ways To Renovate Your Home Office

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Are you one of the growing number of people who work primarily or entirely at home?  It’s easy to relegate our home office to a dark corner or other drab space because, after all, nobody sees it but us.  You deserve better, and there are easy ways to renovate your home office space.  Not only will it make working at home more pleasant, it has surprising side benefits.

According to housely.com, renovating can renew your interest while also improving the functionality of the rooms in your home. In many instances, they are investments that can add value or improve the marketability when it is time to sell.  So, you gain both immediately and in the long run.  Here’s how to get started.

home office

Brighten Up

Dimly lit and drab.  Sounds like a scene from a mystery movie, and it certainly won’t make for positive energy.  Fixing this is as simple as a buying some paint, a new light fixture, and a few hours of your time.

With today’s technology, it’s never been so easy to get lighting perfect.  Programmable bulbs with light colors from natural sunlight to bright whites are available in all types of fixtures.  Big box stores have a huge selection of styles to fit in  your particular space, that can even be controlled from your smartphone.

Once the light is right, pick out colors to match that enhance and support your work.  We respond differently, both consciously and subconsciously, to different colors.  Amy Morin writes about the psychological aspects:

“…the colors you choose affect how you feel. And how you feel affects how you think and behave. So choosing the right colors and decorations can impact the success of your business.”

Organize on the Cheap

It’s easy to get a little sloppy when your office is at home.  But even though you may know where everything is, being less than organized cuts down on productivity.  And getting organized doesn’t have to mean you break the bank on fancy new cabinets and shelves.

Milk crates make great, stackable filing space for seldom-needed or archived documents.  Turn them on their edge and put them two high with a shelf across from two piers and you’ve got a new shelf.  You can find tons of creative organization inspiration on Pinterest.

home office

Make Your Own Cube

One of the reasons “the cube” became so popular is that it naturally encourages you to stay focused and productive.  If your home office is a shared-function space, it’s challenging to accomplish that.  Even worse, if your home office is just a roll-top desk and much of what you need is in an adjacent closet or even another room, productivity suffers.

While it may be impractical to claim an entire room for your home office,  there are creative alternatives.  I’ve claimed the by-pass door closet in a spare bedroom, essentially creating my own cube.  The ends house printers and storage, and there are shelves both on the sides and above.  The desk fits completely inside so I can close it off out of sight when I’m not working.  Again, the key is to be open to solutions you may have been overlooking.

home office

Take Care of Your Butt

Few people realize how much large companies spend on seating.  It’s not that they just want to keep you comfy.  They don’t want to have you end up with various physical ailments from poor seating that causes or increases poor posture.

One of the best things you can do to improve your home office is to get a quality chair that fits your space and more importantly both fits and supports you.  If you work at home, you’re probably going to be spending a good deal of time at your desk, so splurge here and get a chair that makes you want to stay at work.  Your butt and your back will thank you for it.

Renovate Your Home Office, Then Renovate the Details

There!  Once these basics are in place, you can add some accessories to suit your own tastes and style, such as those suggested by Ms Career Girl Jackie LaMar.     You’ll find working at home more enjoyable than ever!


Milk crate shelf 

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