Rev Up Your Online Career With These Winning Options

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Could your online career or home-based small company use a shot in the arm? If you’re looking to boost profits, bring new clients on board, or hone your marketing and promotion skills, there’s good news. An online career makeover doesn’t call for massive expenditures, going back to school, or switching industries. Here are four ways you can get started right now.

Use Intent SEO on Your Commercial Website

Stop using outdated SEO tactics and start focusing on user intent. When you spend time analyzing what kinds of things your customers have in mind when they do online searches, you begin to narrow down SEO keywords in a natural, potent way. How do you do it? First, make a list of all the keywords you’re currently trying to rank for on your business site.

Next to each one, write down your best guess as to the customer’s intent related to the term. Verbs work well to describe intentions. So if one of your words is “exotic spices” if that’s a product you sell, you might note that most of your regular customers want information about how to buy or cook with these specialty items. Intent SEO terms would be “cooking with exotic spices,” or “buy exotic spices,” for example. This simple exercise in envisioning customers’ intentions can multiply your revenue and consistently out-rank your closest competitors. Fortunately, it’s easy to find out how to employ intent SEO strategies and use them to your advantage.

Outsource Social Media Promotion

Unless you’re the best social media promoter on earth, outsource promotion to a freelancer. Independent agencies can get the job done quickly and effectively. The time you save will more than make up for whatever you pay the outsource agent. Plus, you’ll get new customers flowing into your sphere of influence as the weeks roll by.

Get New Customers Through Consulting

You know your niche well enough to teach others about it. That means you can offer your services as a consultant in order to bring customers to the business you already own and operate. Tax and financial consultants use this technique to great effect. Be sure to set up the consulting business as a separate entity and promote it as such. Here’s an example. If your online company offers youth music lessons via video, create a consulting business that gives low-cost advice to parents who want to find good second-hand instruments. Automatically, you’ll be building a new base of prospective customers for your lessons business.

Offer Free Local Seminars

Whatever your area of expertise, take a lesson from the tax prep industry by offering free seminars to targeted audiences in your community. For instance, if you sell collectible art, consider putting on a presentation at the local library about how to spot forgeries, how to get into art collecting for less than $1,000, or how to sell artwork for top dollar. There are many ways to go about it. Just make sure to come up with an effective hook that makes people want to attend your presentation.