Review: Great Answers To Tough Questions by Michael Dodd

Using The Power of Storytelling To Never Fear Questions Again

Give me a book or an article full of facts, and it’s likely I’ll never finish it.  Imagine your favorite movie reduced to mere numbers and statistics.  I’ll describe a memorable scene from Star Wars:

The scene included 42 extras, 10 puppet masters, 9 mimes, and 90+ crew members, in addition to the 19 primary cast members.


That was the scene that takes place in the cavernous abode of Jabba The Hutt.  Luke Skywalker has been unable to strike a bargain with Jabba, even with Luke’s warning of the consequences.  Jabba opens a trap door to deliver Luke into the confines of the horrible rancor, who devours pretty much anything living that is within it’s reach.  Using his Jedi powers, Luke overcomes the rancor, frees his friends, and ultimately defeats Jabba.

jabba 0208

The Power of Storytelling

If you’re like most, even that short narrative of the story elicits emotion and draws you in.  Odds are, you’ll have a nagging desire to go watch the movie again.  That’s the power of story.

As Ms Career Girl columnist Kelly Christiansen puts it,

“When you tell a story your audience gets to experience your endeavor for themselves. The more suspense or details you offer, the better chance your listeners have of being able to understand you”

If there is any one skill that can dramatically improve and empower your communication, it’s the skill of storytelling.  Effective storytelling enhances your ability to engage and enroll your audience.

Author Michael Dodd has created what I would call a short course in storytelling.  Framed around the ability to have great answers to tough questions (coincidentally the title of the book), he takes you step by step from fumbling the conversation ball to throwing a 40 yard touchdown pass.

This one is sure to be on my list of favorites for 2017, and I highly recommend it.

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