Four Resume Tips To Get More Interviews

It seems that every day you see multiple articles giving resume advice.  Do this, don’t do that, and perish the thought of whatever it is you did last week.  There’s no doubt that your resume is a vital part of the job search process.  Frequently,  it’s one of the first impressions you’ll make with the prospective employer.  So you want to create something that will get their attention and get you an interview.  Is your resume dated?  Are the resume templates you’ve used ones that get interviews?   Let’s look at why you need a current resume, and which direction to go.

Is It Time For A New Resume?

Take a look at the one you’ve been using, or last used.  Get real, take a deep breath, and ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is the English and grammar up to par?  If the wording and spelling makes you shudder, you need a new one.
  • Have you been using the same one for years and it always takes a long time to find a new position?  It could very well be that your resume is derailing your job search.
  • Are the professional accomplishments and skills you’re proud of not there? They should be. Listing your accomplishments like a CFA certification or Google Adwords Certification, can boost you to the top of the resume pile.
  • Are there legitimate negatives in your resume that you’d rather not be there but you don’t know how to deal with? It’s time to learn more about selling yourself and putting yourself in the best light.

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Free or Paid?

If you google “resume service,” you’ll get about 34,200,000 results.  Yes, that’s 34 million.  That alone can be overwhelming.  So you’ll need to have some way to narrow those results down a bit.   If you add “free,” the results drop to around 9 million.  And if you add “paid,” you’ll get it down to just over 5 million.  So you’ve still got a daunting task at hand.

The first decision is do you want to, or can you afford to, pay to have one prepared?  What are the reasons to have one prepared for you?

  • There are no budget constraints.
  • You want an objective, professional, and up-to-date resume and just don’t feel qualified to create it.

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Of course, everyone wants to present themselves in the best light possible.  So for most of us, that’s a given.  As for budget, the cost of professional preparation can run from just a few dollars to hundreds.   Obviously, at least to some extent, you’re going to get what you pay for.  So you have to decide if you are actually more capable of creating a great resume than what you’re willing to pay for one.

And remember, even if you pay for one really good resume, it doesn’t mean you have to keep having new versions professionally done.  Once you have a great core resume, it’ll be a lot easier to adapt it to fit each employer or niche to which you apply.

Formatting Your Resume

Whether you’re working with a professional resume service or creating your own, format is important.  Remember, before the HR person even begins to read, they notice format.  If it’s clean, organized, and inviting, you’ll  be much more likely to get it read.  There’s a ton of different formats and  resume templates out there.  Choose the one that is most suitable for your prospective employer.

Remember, in today’s competitive job market, you may end up working for a company or in a market segment you hadn’t imagined.   So at the least you’ll want to have two or three versions.  Better still is to make small, or large, edits to your primary resume to fit the specific employer.  Taylor it to their eyes.

Monitor The Results Of Your Resumes

When you’re in job search mode, it’s really like a side hustle all its own.  Your job is to find a new job.  So monitor the results of your resume.  If you didn’t get a position, send a follow-up note or email and respectfully request feedback as to anything on your resume that may have contributed to not getting an offer.  Then, make adjustments going forward.

When your resume works and you get the interview, check out the great interview tips in these Ms. Career Girl articles:

It won’t be long until all those efforts turn into paychecks!



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