STAY SNUG WITHOUT SACRIFICING STYLE: Key Winter Fashion from Millstrand Co., Louis Vuitton, and Chanel

Staying warm and dry is a priority in cold, wet weather – but do you need to sacrifice your style? Brands like Millstrand Co., Louis Vuitton, and Chanel don’t think so.

For anyone with a taste for the chic, for the stylish, for the innovative will know, the most extreme winter weather often impacts our wardrobe-choices. Rather than wearing that gorgeous full-length wool coat or that tailored denim jacket, you’re forced to wear shapeless anoraks in an effort to stay dry. Without doubt, this can knock your confidence, leaving you self-conscious and uncomfortable, possibly distracting you throughout the day.

To help you stay chic and stylish in winter, here are three key pieces: protect your torso, your head, and your hands without sacrificing your style.

The Espen Jacket from Millstrand Co.

jacket 0208 Winter Fashion

Millstrand Co. is dedicated to revolutionizing warm, waterproof wear. Their designers take high-quality waterproofing and integrate it into an elegant coat with unmistakable fashion-credentials. Sharp lines, adjustable fit, and a vibrant minimal aesthetic all combine to create weather-resistant pieces perfect for the most fashion-focused lady.

Their Millstrand co. Espen All-Weather Jacket is a prime example of their innovative, forward-thinking flair. This is designed to keep you dry and warm, without leaving you feeling damp or uncomfortable; unlike some waterproof jackets, the Espen offers high breathability which prevents that suffocating feel. You’ll be able to stay cool in warmer weather without getting too cold in chillier temperatures.

To combat that baggy look that can be so unflattering in waterproof jackets, the Espen offers a precise drawstring waistband. A minor adjustment here provides you with a streamlined silhouette, so you can show off your curves or slender frame exactly as you want to.

Louis Vuitton Flower Sequin Winter Hat

 beanie 0208

 Louis Vuitton needs no introduction. As one of the foremost names in the fashion world, Louis Vuitton understands the challenges facing fashion-focused ladies in winter: keeping warm and snug without sacrificing your sense of style. This stunning hat is made with a mix of high-quality materials, creating a comfortable, gentle fit.

This hat features mohair, nylon, wool, polyester, cotton, rayon, and acrylic, with an elegant black and gray design. It’s a stunning piece for every woman craving comfort and style.

Chanel Burgundy Leather Gloves

 gloves 0208


A beautiful pair of gloves has the power to elevate any outfit, enhancing the most chic pieces. Chanel, of course, is renowned for its innovative fashion and effortless elegance.  And these burgundy leather gloves make a gorgeous addition to your coat and hat.

These are constructed from the finest leather, and feature a subtle, stylish pattern that draws the eye without overwhelming the rest of your ensemble. In terms of fit, these are soft, snug, and warm, without causing overheating or discomfort.

These are also fine enough to wear while driving and performing countless actions (opening doors, handling keys etc.), preventing the frustration of constant removal.

So, here you have three exquisite pieces to keep you dry, warm, and comfortable this winter. All without having to compromise on your sense of fashion.



Main image via pixabay.