Richard Crenian Offers Some Advice to Alberta Entrepreneurs  

If you don’t live in Alberta, or specifically in Calgary, you may not be aware of just how influential Western Canada has become in the area of business startups and entrepreneurism.  Entrepreneurs should know that over the past five to ten years, Calgary, one of the major cities in Alberta, has found a kind of entrepreneurial drive and momentum that would make plenty of other cities around the globe envious.


Yes, it doesn’t hurt that Calgary was recently rated as having one of the top two real estate markets in all of Canada.  And if you are aware of Calgary as being a major hub for oil and gas and if you’re concerned about how the current slump in oil prices will affect the city’s economy in 2015, then take courage in the fact that plenty of analysts in the media remain confident in Calgary’s economic strength coming into the new year.


And that’s part of the point – because Calgary, and the province of Alberta  as a whole, has made concerted efforts to promote entrepreneurism and new business initiatives over the past decade. The city now enjoys a more diversified economy, one that can more readily withstand a slump in the oil and gas sector.


Richard Crenian has been a figure in Calgary’s commercial real estate and entrepreneurial circles for the past two decades.  He serves as President of ReDev Properties, Ltd., a commercial real estate company that he founded in 2001.


ReDev Properties is not the first or only company that Richard Crenian has founded.  Indeed, Crenian’s experience in creating companies and guiding them to success has made him a valuable resource for the up-and-coming generation of young entrepreneurs in Calgary.


As particular example, Crenian’s upbeat attitude toward the current price climate in the oil and gas industry is something that young entrepreneurs should keep in mind. As noted in a recent article, Richard Crenian remains refreshingly optimistic about Calgary’s economy coming for 2015, despite the downturn concerns raised by current oil and gas prices.  It’s the kind of realistic optimism that young entrepreneurs would be wise to note.


What’s more, Crenian provides insightful, experience-driven advice for young entrepreneurs as far as intelligent investment. Crenian has noted in other forums that as today’s young entrepreneurs begin their professional journeys, they should consider the value of diversifying their investments.


Investing in commercial real estate, either independently or through a commercial real estate company, is  an intelligent way for entrepreneurs to diversify their assets.


Crenian makes an even more compelling point as to why it’s a smart move for young entrepreneurs to consider commercial real estate investment.


As entrepreneurs start their own companies, they are going to need office space, particularly as their businesses grow.  Unlike their peers who decide not to invest, entrepreneurs who put money toward commercial real estate, like office space or retail storefronts, will be able to enjoy the benefits of these assets not only as business owners, but also as investors.


Richard Crenian encapsulates the point very neatly, “I love seeing entrepreneurs who have passion for their business and for making a difference in their communities.   And I really look forward to seeing today’s young professionals enjoy success …  And as I tell some of my younger colleagues, one of the best ways to enjoy financial success and security is to diversify one’s assets and invest in dependable sources of income, such as commercial real estate.”


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