Savvy Strategies For Staying Motivated Whilst Working From Home

working from home

Working from home can be wonderful and really hard at the same time. Everything is there to distract you, so it makes sense that self-motivation can be a challenge for even the hardest workers amongst us.

If you’ve been getting lazy and picking up bad working from home habits, these savvy strategies will help you to stay motivated whilst you continue to live this awesome flexible lifestyle:

Stick To A Routine

Because you don’t have to be up for a certain train or bus, you may feel it is OK to stay up until 3am binge watching TV shows. You might not even have a certain work start time, which makes it even more tempting to lay in well past lunchtime. Doing this, however, can impact your wellbeing and your working life over time. Instead, keeping to a good general routine will help you to know when it is time to work, and when it is time to relax.

Be sure to start work at the same time every day, and take regular planned breaks so you know you are having timeout. Use timers, calendars and alarms for even more help sticking to your routine.

Invest In Your Own Office Space

If you work from the sofa with the family there and the TV it is no wonder you are distracted. It is fun doing this kind of work sometimes, but if you continue to work this way you will see your productivity slip. Instead, why not invest in your own office space? You could use the spare room, the garage, a corner of the bedroom, or even a shed. Grab a cheap self storage unit  to store some of your clutter if you need to make space. By claiming your own work space you know that when you walk into it, it is time to work, which will boost your motivation more than working on the sofa or at the kitchen table.

Get An Accountability Buddy

Whether it is someone who works in your ‘remote office’ or someone just in the same situation, having an accountability buddy is so handy when it comes to motivating yourself at home. Have them check in with your regularly, and communicate your work goals with them. If you can support them in the same way they will benefit, and you’ll both feel a little more inspired and supported.

Stop Missing Out

When you work from home you can often work more hours because tasks take you longer, or because you feel you should be working more. This can cause you to miss out on great personal life events, which then causes you to feel demotivated at work. Instead, work on a better work/ life balance that enables you to enjoy your personal life and your career. Combine your work and personal life diaries and stick to commitments no matter what. Work smartly too, so you’re achieving without putting in more hours. If you realise working harder and more efficiently pays off, you will be motivated to change the way you work day to day.

Keep It Achievable

Rather than having ‘WORK’ in your diary every day, try having small bite size goals and achievements pencilled in for specific hours. This makes each task more achievable. You are far more likely to feel motivated to do 30 minutes work before you have a break, than to see an entire 9-5 days worth of tasks in one lump and feel you can get everything done.

You Can Stay Motivated Whilst You Work From Home

With the tips above you can retain motivation for your work, whilst also keeping that work/ life balance in check. It does take some effort, but the payoff is better career prospects whilst also maintaining the fantastic working scenario of being a remote worker.

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