Top 5 In Demand Types of Floorings That You Might Want For Your Home

types of flooring

People often say ‘There is no place like home’. Many people buy or construct houses and offices as per their liking. There are a lot of things they take into account before buying a certain place like the environment, surroundings, interior and exterior, availability of products, etc. But one of the major things that catches our eyes is the flooring. A nice, shiny, clean floor is a love for all. There are many different types of flooring a person can choose from.

Hardwood Flooring

This type of flooring is made from the wood of your choice. It usually comes from a single tree of your choice like cherry trees, walnut trees, or oak trees. This type of flooring option comes in two finishes: polished and unfinished. Polished or prefinished wood can be installed right away whereas unfinished has to be sanded, smoothed, and polished for best results. This type of flooring is not really expensive and it gives off a beautiful wooden look. Talk to professionals before you get your hardwood floor installation to make sure you are making the best choice for your home.

Engineered wood

This type of flooring is a more affordable option compared to hardwood flooring as it is not completely genuine wood; it is a mix of original wood and some low-quality ply plank. However engineered wood is also a really good option as you get almost the same thing as hardwood at a reduced price. Furthermore, you can even choose what you want and from which type of tree you want your flooring to be made. Similar to hardwood, you can choose between oak and cherry.


For people who like wood flooring but cannot afford it, laminated flooring is their best option. It is much more affordable and it almost provides you with the same look. It is not wood; it’s made from fiber mixed with some layers of plywood. The top layer is not wood but instead, it’s a picture of wood that is coated with plastic to protect it, hence the reason why it is called laminate.


Bamboo flooring has picked up great fame and likeness in the past few years. Its unique look gets more people to buy it every time. The bamboo flooring is made from bamboo trees and is an eco-friendly material. The best bamboo flooring can be achieved by hunting a genuine seller with positive feedback. The shade of this type of flooring is usually light but you can have it darker as well. Bamboo are plants that are actually from the grass family and they grow on their own so no environmental pollution is done when these are cut down.


Another luxurious type of flooring is tiles. It has a wide array of colors and textures to choose from. It is made by mixing clay and shale, and then it is fired up in the kiln to harden the ceramic. Pigments are added to give different colors and effects. Tiles are available in glazed and matte finishes. Glazed tiles have a glossy coating put on them before firing them up so it has a glassy finish to it once it is made. Quarry tiles are rough and only have colors added to them, and they have a matte look and feel. The advantage of quarry tiles over glazed tiles is that the former are non-slippery and it is a safer option to go for.

In the end, the type of flooring that you choose must also go together with the style or interior design you have in mind, the location, maintenance, home value (if you decide to sell your house), and most importantly, the budget. And when your house is finally done, it should feel like home.