School is in Session This Summer! Here are 4 Things to Remember

After being in a pandemic for over a year, students have all had some experience with remote learning. Schools were closed for in-class learning off and on as local case numbers rose and fell. 

While students have more experience with eLearning now than they did at this time last year, there are still a few things summer students should keep in mind to increase the effectiveness and enjoyment of the sessions.

Take Regular Breaks 

Just like students get recess during ordinary in-class sessions, summer students need to take occasional breaks away from their screens. The weather is finally gorgeous out, and kids should be able to enjoy the warmth and sunshine.

Even if you don’t step outside, breaking up the school day into chunks makes lessons more digestible and easier to retain. The need to segment work into chunks holds as true for those in the workforce as it does summer students taking online lessons. 

Keep Consistent Hours

Online learning gives students flexibility, but that doesn’t always mean they should throw consistent hours out the window. Many students attend premier institutions like the Ontario Virtual School because they need a bridge course or elite athletes whose schedules require accommodation.

If possible, try to keep up a routine from one day to the next. Maintaining the same routine helps students work more efficiently. It’s fantastic that online learning gives students the flexibility they need to juggle their school and personal life, but there’s something to be said for sticking to a pattern day-to-day.

Work in the Same Physical Space

Just like in-class sessions always occur in the same room, eLearning is more effective when students are in the same atmosphere. It can be difficult to separate your personal life from your academics when studying in the same environment in which you relax or play.

The best thing is to carve out space in your home that has everything you need to learn, like sunlight, a work surface, and a plug for your computer. Let this be your study nook, so you have a physical place associated with thinking and concentration.

Work Hard, Play Hard

Anything worth doing is worth doing well, and, of course, school is no exception. Students must give their all! 

However, it’s been a very long year, and school is seldom what the youth look forward to most in summer. Balance the need for good grades and deep learning with other crucial considerations for young students, such as socialization, play, and other essentials.

Kids learn more from school than what is in the syllabus, so let them go out and have some fun exploring when their homework is finished.

Like everyone, students have been through a lot over the past year or so. If any student needs to take summer school, eLearning makes it easy and effective. Just remember the above tips, and you’ll be all set and ready to go by September.