3 Strategies for Building Your eCommerce Brand

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The world of eCommerce has grown more quickly than anyone could have predicted in recent years. With the rise in the number of consumers shopping online comes a rise in the number of businesses competing for consumer attention. The most effective way that businesses can stand out in this increasingly crowded marketplace is to build a brand identity. Building a clearly defined eCommerce brand identity helps businesses to stand out, build meaningful relationships with customers and attract new traffic.

Maintain Brand Consistency

One of the most important strategies for building any successful brand is to maintain brand consistency. Just think about some of the most successful and recognizable brands in history, like Apple or McDonald’s; while these two companies have very different brand identities, they both share one common trait, brand consistency.

Brand consistency helps you become instantly recognizable; this means that you have to spend less on advertising, as you can more quickly target potential customers. In order to actualize the potential success of this strategy, you need to ensure that your branding is consistent throughout your business. This means that your font, color choices, and brand voice are all maintained in every operation, from customer service interactions to your website home page.

Not only does your branding need to be consistent with visual themes but also representative values. This means that your branding should consistently portray your story and identity. As BPKC.com explains, not only should your packaging be representative of your brand identity it should also show your sustainable values. You should make sure that all the decisions that you make, no matter how small they might seem, represent your brand identity.

Share Your Brand Story

Sharing your story is a great way to form deeper and more meaningful relationships with your customers, as they are able to gain a better understanding of who you are as a company. Telling your story will also help your business to stand out, as although there are millions of online businesses out there, none share your backstory.

Being open, honest, and transparent with your customers about your brand story, aims, and values will help you build customer trust in your brand. Remember when you are crafting your brand story that it should not sound like sales copy. This is an opportunity to make an authentic connection with customers, so make sure to use the right tone of voice.

Find a Cause

Finding a cause is a great way to make your brand stand out and to win over customers, all while doing something good. A great example of the effects that championing a cause can have on a brand’s success is found in the shoe company Tom’s. 

Founded back in 2006, Tom’s very quickly became one of the most popular shoe brands on the market. The level of success that Tom’s experiences is mainly due to its one-for-one business model. The company was created to provide for a cause, namely, for every pair of shoes that were sold, one pair would be donated for children in need.

Research has found that 91% of millennials would choose to shop at a business that has a social cause. Finding a cause for your brand allows you to help the community and helps you stand out and win customers.