The Pros and Cons of a Sciatica Cushion on the Chair

sciatica cushion

Currently, more and more people are working at office-type jobs. Sitting on a chair all day causes, over time, the occurrence of various diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Most office chairs do not have comfort functions and cause stagnation of blood in the pelvis, unnecessary stress on the tailbone, hemorrhoids, and other unpleasant diseases associated with physical inactivity. You can check to help solve sciatica. 


The main advantages of using a sciatica cushion include:

  • It Supports The Back And Relieves Muscle Fatigue

The hard surface of the seat increases the pressure not only on soft tissues and blood vessels but also on the bones of the pelvis and sacrum. The cushion removes pain in the back, improves blood flow to the capillaries, and serves as an excellent prevention of cellulite.

  • For Stuffing, Hypoallergenic Material Is Used 

Materials such as latex, expanded polypropylene, polyester do not accumulate pathogens and dust. It’s easy to look after them.

  • Improves Blood Circulation 

Since the spinal cord compression is reduced, the arteries and capillaries are not squeezed. The supply of blood vessels and tissues is improved. 

  • Does Not Accumulate Dust And Pathogens

Unlike sciatica cushions with natural filling, artificial ones do not promote saprophytes and dust, which are contraindicated for people with allergies.

  • Nice To The Touch

To improve the organoleptic properties of the cushion, unique materials are used that are pleasant to the touch.

  • Serves For A Long Time

 If used correctly, the lifespan of the cushion can be more than 7-10 years. The main negative points that can affect its durability can be the owner’s weight and improper care of it.

  • Relieves Bedsores

 This cushion is indispensable for people who use a wheelchair who have to sit most of the time. It makes wheelchair use more comfortable and relieves irritation and pressure sores in the buttocks and thighs.

  • Provides Prevention Of Inflammatory Diseases Of The Pelvic Organs

 It can significantly help people who have chronic diseases of the reproductive organs and excretory system. This is done by reducing the pressure on them.

  • Reduces The Level Of Fatigue

Sitting on a hard chair continuously for a long time, a person gets much more tired than sitting on a more comfortable soft chair. 

  • Helps Recover From Childbirth

If a woman has a sedentary job, then a sciatica cushion is necessary to relieve pressure on the pelvic region after childbirth. It takes a long time for the organs to return to normal. 


  • Has No Healing Effect

The cushion is only a medical accessory to relieve stress on a sore spine. It does not heal the ailment but only helps in its therapy.

  • Often Produced Without A Cover

This complicates the process of cleaning it from contamination in the future. Therefore, you need to take care to sew a cover on it.

  • Has Weight Restrictions

 Usually, such a sciatica cushion can withstand a weight of no more than 120 – 150 kg. If you ignore this parameter, then the orthopedic pillow can quickly become unusable. 

Final Thought

Manufacturers offer seating options suitable for seated work, long travel. The sciatica cushion is ideal for people on the road who need something to relieve muscle tension during long periods of sitting.