Searching for a career? Try this one for size

There you are, just out of high school, struggling to find your direction in life. Well, if you want to head where the cash flows and the skillsets are high, then a step towards a career in finance could be exactly what you’re after.

Indeed, the finance sector presents rich pickings for those with an enthusiasm for numbers and a need to strive for the best. More than this, it covers a ton of different positions, giving you ample options for career paths.

So, what can you get into? Well, there’s taxation, brokering, financial analysis, bank managing and much more besides – but it isn’t a cinch to break into any of these positions.

To begin with, you’ll need to work at your qualifications, with a degree in finance being a must. If you’re really diligent, you could even pair that finance degree with a joint qualification in business, allowing you to show your mettle to businesses you’re applying to.

During your study time, you won’t be able to rest on your laurels – the larger firms rarely accept anyone with a classification lower than a 2:1.

While you’re studying, you might also want to consider taking on an internship. Not only will this sharpen and hone your skills, but you’ll also prove to prospective future employers that you can balance work and educational life.

Entering the real world

Then, expect the real world to rear its ugly head – that terrifying place after university, dropping you out into the quivering cold of the job hunt. However, if you’ve worked hard enough and gained decent qualifications and experience during university, finding a job won’t take too much time.

Your best bet in the employment stakes is to find a recruitment site that specialises in the field of finance. After inputting a few simple details, you’ll be matched up with the ideal employer and be well on your way to gaining the ideal position.

Naturally, the journey doesn’t end there. Once you have a job, you’re really only at the beginning of a long career, in which you’ll have to keep abreast of new financial regulations, keep clients happy, turn a profit for your company and stay within the regulatory framework.

And, after all your hard work, what do you get in return? Besides a fat salary, a successful finance professional can gain a ton of fringe benefits, from bonuses to company cars, luxury offices to gifts from clients.

So, if you’re standing on the cusp of your future and have success in mind, a career in finance could be ideal. Good luck!

Ms. Career Girl

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