Becoming a self-taught make-up artist – Advice for the beginners


If you’re someone who wants to become a make-up artist without having to join any popular make up school, you’ve clicked on the right link. We all know that makeup artists can’t be created overnight; they need enough time to develop their skills. It isn’t necessary for them to enroll with a school or be licensed to practice their skills in their state. Though it is true that enrolling yourself in a makeup school or into some comprehensive makeup program will help you gaining the basic makeup techniques and skills but you need not fret if you want to become a self-taught make-up artist.

It is essential for you to have the perfect skills in order to build a clientele. Here we will give you some tips and advice on how you can become a self-taught make-up artist without having to join a school.

Acquire the basic skills

How about enrolling in a cosmetology school for a short while to learn on basic makeup application skills? Watch out for only those schools where the instructors work in the commercial makeup industry as you can acquire their knowledge on makeup and products in a more skillful way. If you can have a certificate from a licensed cosmetology school in your resume, you will be an edge over others.

Study the techniques of famous MUAs

It is important for a makeup artist to remain informed about each and every new trend that is setting in to the world of modeling and celebrities. Unless you can upgrade your skills along with the latest trends, you won’t find your worth increasing with time. If you notice an application which inspires you, track the name of the MUA who did it and try to talk to him to know more on it.

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Volunteering is a must

Unless you volunteer your services, you won’t be able to boost your visibility amidst this extremely competitive industry. There are very few makeup artists who earn pounds for their services before they establish a reputation and there can be no better way than volunteering your services and informing others that you’re an MUA. Initially, you may work for free or with nominal wages for some television product companies or local organizations. Keep showcasing your skills.

Practice new techniques on family and friends

You have to practice the latest techniques on your family members and friends before you introduce them to your customers. Once you see that you have a practiced hand, you can share your business cards with your friends so that they can recommend your name to others.

Work as an assistant makeup artist

There are several makeup artists who work for fashion designers, film and TV production companies or other photographers. When you work under the supervision of such experts, you tend to learn new ways of conveying the emotion.

So, now that you know how to become a self-taught MUA, remember that whenever you’re ready to open a salon, you should firstly opt for a Salon saver makeup insurance to protect your costly equipment and your salon against all odds.