Seven Signs You Should Leave Your Job

Times have changed in the job market and the ‘employee for life’ is a rare breed.

Most workers move on and look for new challenges across the country and globe; according to this Daily Mail article the average employee has six different jobs throughout his or her career.

Leaving a role is a tricky tightrope to negotiate and some people don’t get it quite right – but if some or all of these seven signs apply to you, then it’s time to bail out.


You’re bored

This does not mean a lack of stimulus for an hour or two. This means a sustained, soul-crushing, deep despair at the lack of originality or direction in your role.  Meeting the same people and performing the same tasks endless times will create one of two scenarios: you’ll either slip into a cosy routine and be admired for your consistency, or your happiness will erode and you’ll become horrifically bored. If it’s the latter, leave.

It feels right

You’ll know. Somewhere in the back of your mind, a little idea or thought will grow. There might be nothing wrong with where you are, and you may have no destination in mind, but a voice will be telling you that there’s something better to work towards, through exploring, travelling, or taking a break. Once it starts growing it is very difficult to ignore – the only way to expunge it is to act on it.

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