Seven Signs You’re Not Cut Out to be an Entrepreneur

It’s so funny how everyone seems to think they have the potential to become an entrepreneur. I guess that explains why we have more failed businesses than successful ones. The ship of entrepreneurship is not for all to sail. And the earlier you understand this, the better it is for you and your wad of paper friends (money).

I know some people won’t still agree with this. And I don’t blame them. After all, if Mr. A – who’s not even as rich or intellectually sound as they are – could do it, what’s to stop them from launching their own startup too?

But I’m afraid there is more to doing business than just intellects and financial power.

So, before you go ahead and dip your head into the hot oil of entrepreneurship, I’d like you to read these seven signs to know whether or not you truly have what it takes to be an entrepreneur.

Do you become too scared to retry whenever you fail?

You know yourself better than anyone, so you should be able to answer that question honestly. Do you cringe under pressure, quake with fear when all seem like they’re going south, and move into your shell, unwilling to try again whenever you fail? If so, I’m sorry to burst your bubble, but entrepreneurship might not be for you.

To say that “failure is a possibility” in the world of doing business would be a colossal understatement because, in all honesty, “nothing is guaranteed” – failure or success.

So, if you’re someone who doesn’t accept failure with open arms, you might want to put your money to good use elsewhere.

You have ADD/ADHD

You can still launch a business and run it successfully, even if you’re suffering from some medical conditions. But not when you’re suffering from conditions like lack of focus, anxiety, inattentiveness, distractibility, disorganization, and hyperactivity.

This sentiment is shared by the popular entrepreneur and business coach Daniel C. Steenerson. According to him, “being an entrepreneur requires unwavering laser focus.” “If you don’t have the patience, tenacity, and focus to stay on top of every situation and push through the tough times, you might struggle to keep up with the demands of entrepreneurship.”

You’re looking for a quick money scheme

If there’s one thing entrepreneurs – from all fields and industries – have in common, it is that they don’t think in the short-term. All that they do and the decisions they make are always tailored to generate long-term benefits.

So if what you’re looking for is a quick means to your ends, then I’m afraid you’re aren’t cut out to be an entrepreneur because no business in the world runs on quick profit schemes.

If quick money is what you’re in business for, trust me; you’ll be disappointed.

You can’t picture yourself investing in marketing over and over again

For someone who’s not an entrepreneur, it can be strange watching companies throw thousands of dollars at influencers and celebrities for appearing in their ads. Well, marketing is the heartbeat of any entrepreneurial effort, and if you want to stay in business for long, you’ve got to do it.

Is the economy declining? Then, it might be time to double your marketing efforts and throw more money into advertisements. Did you just find out about a marketing opportunity somewhere, say Instagram? Then, you have no choice but to buy your way into the platform by buying Instagram followers and hiring influencers.

By and large, if you’re not ready to waste money on marketing, then don’t go into entrepreneurship.

You get stage fright

It is nothing to be ashamed of. If you can’t face a crowd, then so be it. But don’t put yourself in a situation where you won’t have a choice. Unsurprisingly, there are tons of such situations in the business world.

From time to time, you will have to face gatherings, attend events, meet people (many of whom might appear intimidating), and even convince hard-to-please prospects. If you get stage fright often or don’t have the belly for self-promotion, you may find it difficult fulfilling any of these entrepreneurial obligations.

You detest changing situations

Personally, I detest topsy-turvy situations. I hate to wake up one day, smiling and the next worried. If you’re anything like me, then it’s obvious you aren’t cut out to be an entrepreneur.

Take it or leave it; there’s no perfect week in the life of an entrepreneur. One day you’re clinching an industry award and celebrating with your team, and the next, you’re on a gut-wrenching free fall. It’s just a tough ask of anyone to handle these things.

But if you’ve got the stomach for it, then why not?

You can’t bend your ego for anyone

You’ve probably heard the saying before that “the best is often reserved for the last.” Well, we’ve decided to make this sign the last on the list because it is the most important.

Strange as it may sound, entrepreneurs are men that swallow their pride. It doesn’t matter how rich, great, or popular you are, when you’re just starting your business journey, you’ll definitely have to come down to the level of so many people. Perhaps a hard-to-please customer, one folk on social media who’s displeased with your service, or an employee who thinks your business system is flawed.

If you’re too egoistic, it might be hard coming down from your high standards to appeal to someone who isn’t even fit to clean your shoe.


Don’t jump into the entrepreneurial world simply because you have a gut feeling it might work for you. Take a deep breath and ask yourself: do I show the signs mentioned in this post?

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