Short-Stay Business Trips: Try a Vacation Rental

As a career girl, you might experience getting assigned on business trips.

This is a great indication that you’re getting a very important key to success in your career – TRUST. When a company sends you on your first business trip, they entrust you with both the funds and the name of the company. Being able to both handle your finances while representing your company in the best manner can give you a great advantage in your career.

Most business trips will put you in a hotel. However, what about considering a vacation rental if you’re staying for more than two nights? A short stay business trip can be a bit stressful and expensive. Finding a temporary home can help ease the corporate ambiance, help you find retreat after a long day of work, and also give you brownie points for being able to secure affordable accommodations.

Here are things to remember when booking vacation villas. 

When looking for a site to book the rental from, make sure that you check in one that has a good number of options. If the rental owners trust a site, it’s a good indicator that you can too. If you’re looking to impress your boss by booking your accommodations in a vacation rental, just click here to find a lot to choose from.

No reviews, no booking. Or at least, book at your own risk. Reviews give you a better idea of what to expect from a rental, and is based on real people’s unbiased feedback. Read through them one by one and I suggest looking at the best and the worst of the lot so you can have an idea of anything bad said about the place.

Speak to the homeowner and introduce yourself. Since you are borrowing someone’s home, giving them the peace of mind that you are a courteous guest can help later when you are asking for help or requests.

Get a contract in place. This will help in case of unforeseen trouble. Payments should be done after or during contract is reviewed, and should be done in through a secure payment portal online. Wiring money any other way or through mail cash is not secure and may most likely be a scam.

Planning your first business trip might tempt you into maxing your per diem, but think twice. This can be the precedent to a great trusting relationship with your company, and can be a great step to your success.

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