Should You Do a Background Check Before a First Date?

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Deciding to do a background check before a first date can seem like an invasive move so early in a relationship. There are good reasons to consider doing a background check before a first date though. The most basic reason might be to save yourself from investing any time or emotion into this person. If there are things like a criminal background that are non-negotiable for you, a background check can save you time.

You may be interested in a potential date, but your intuition is nagging you. In this scenario, a background check may give you peace of mind. If you have children and want to be extremely cautious, do a background check before the first date.

It could be that you met this person through non-traditional means, and you want to know more about them before going on a date. Whatever your reasons, it is simple to do background checks. Depending on how much information you need, it is something you might want to do yourself. To do a check yourself, start with Google and Google Images. The next step is, of course, social media. See how many social media accounts this person has. Go back more than just a few weeks.

If anything brings you concern, it might be time to consider paying for a background check. If you feel it is prudent to have a full background check done, the best background check sites are:

Instant Checkmate—

this site offers the best trial membership. The downside is that membership is mandatory. You cannot pay for just one background check. They offer the best up-to-date contact information.


membership is mandatory, and no free trial is offered. However, they offer the most accurate and up-to-date information. Their reports are so detailed that they even list registered sex-offenders near the person’s property.


this is the best basic service at the lowest price. The information will not be as detailed but should provide everything you need to decide on having a first date.


one of the few top services that do not require a membership, but lets you do stand-alone searches. If you only need to do one background check, or rarely do them, this is a good option.

One word of caution. Using the best background check sites is not a guarantee of the most up-to-date information. Commonly, you’ll find things that are not relevant to the person’s life as they are now. Use caution when making significant judgments from a background check. This person may not have told you about their criminal history because they were seventeen. They may mistakenly believe the record was sealed, or so far in their past, it no longer matters.

Some things that appear on background checks the person may not intend to keep secret. They are as unsure as you are and want to know you better before revealing things about their past. While it is smart to be prudent, don’t jump to instant conclusions.  Logically, someone might want to wait to reveal past financial problems until they have gotten to know you.

There are very good reasons to do background checks. They can reveal important information that might help to keep you safe. It is invasive though. How well would you want to know someone before you told them about your past secrets? When doing  background checks before a first date, you will have very private information about the other person. The information from the check gives you an advantage. Use it wisely.

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