Simple and Effective Ways to Develop Brand Awareness in 2021

If you’re in business today, you’re probably well aware of the vastness of competition that you’re up against. This is because the business world is teeming with rivalry, all in good competitive spirit, of course. But how are you supposed to rise above the competition and claim your corner of the market? The answer: By developing brand awareness.

Brand awareness is the means by which a customer identifies you, your business, and what your business stands for. This type of awareness is most easily developed through marketing strategy. 

Your ability to be identified by your customers is directly related to your success in business. Because the more people know who you are and what you can do, the more reach your business will have.

Here, we’ll discuss a few simple and effective methods for developing brand awareness in 2021. 

Promotional Materials

Getting the word out about your business can be accomplished in many ways. But one of the best ways to leave those subtle reminders of who you are and what you do in plain sight is by investing in promotional materials.

Promotional materials can be anything from apparel to bags, coolers, trinkets, and coffee mugs. And the more you offer these items to your customers, the more eyes you’ll have on your logo. You’ll also be able to build relationships with customers by offering free promotional materials. And you know what they say, everyone loves free stuff. 

Another great method for developing brand awareness through investing in promotional materials is to give these as gifts to your employees. 

Promotional apparel is perfect for this strategy, because this puts your business name and logo out where the public eye can see it, and this might pique further interest out in your local community. 

Advertise on Trusted Networks

People are creatures of habit. To put this another way, once we get accustomed to the comfort of a particular environment we return to this environment. And as we develop trust with an environment, it becomes part of our dynamic. 

This is true in life as well as in marketing, because the sites and networks that you trust the most, whether this is CBS, CNN, Forbes, USA Today, or any other you choose, are going to be the places where you absorb the most content.

When you advertise on a trusted network that your audience frequents, you’re automatically stepping into a trusted space. And though you still need to establish relationships and trust with your audience, advertising on a trusted foundation will only quicken the process. 

Develop a Distinct Voice 

If you think of some of your favorite brands, chances are that these companies have a specific voice that you were intrigued by at first. And this is the mark of great creative marketing. 

Some brands have a natural way of expressing themselves through personal style. And when you express yourself through personal style you’re bringing a level of genuineness and authenticity to the market. And people pick up on this aspect quicker than you might think. 

Brands such as Old Spice have unique commercials, sounds and slogans which make them memorable and attractive to a wide range of consumer groups. And the same can be said about Dollar Shave Club, Carhartt, Puma, and Nike. 

All of these brands have a unique voice. They appeal to a specific group of people while simultaneously allowing their appeal to have a broader reach through ads and imagery. But at the end of the day, it’s all about having a distinct and authentic voice that a customer can believe in that will get your brand noticed in 2021. 

Developing brand awareness is a lot like how you developed your image in high school. Though this is probably a much less emotional process! In fact, you probably were unaware of your projected image, yet certain people still gravitated toward you. And this is the power of authenticity in action.