Simple and Fast Ways to Write Better Job Descriptions

We know that creating the perfect job description can give you an enormous headache, especially if you try to complicate things more than they truly are. A suitable job description must offer your future employees a clear and concise image of what your open position requires. Doing so, young job seekers will gain a better understanding of the responsibilities, skills and tasks your post demands.

Don’t waste your time trying to find ads or writing irrelevant and hard to grasp job descriptions only because they look or sound fancy. People love simple and clear things, and you should try to keep it that way. The following tips might come in handy if you’re looking for fast and easy ways to create a proper job description and boost your business productivity.

Choose Relevant Titles and Keywords

Regardless of what you’re trying to advertise is essential to use relevant keywords and titles. Don’t try to come up with difficult titles and keywords only because you find them creative because they won’t appear in your employees’ search results. You can also include a number of job descriptions if you’re aiming for faster results. There’s a number of job description templates you can use for your online job postings. A recent favourite includes Patrick Algrim’s resource at, which can be found here.

While optimizing your job title for work keep your creative part and fun for the job description. Don’t forget that the keyword you’ll choose will serve as an important part of your job posting optimization for search engines such as Google.

Use Simple Ads

Given the latest trends in social marketing, using an ad to promote your business or seek employees might come in handy regardless of your field. To benefit from the influence of ads you must make your ads relevant and easy to look at. Even if you’re posting an unusual post title you can’t create an ad that will make people click. For instance, a job posting that includes videos or ads is more likely to draw people’s attention. In short, people will always look for something more than just a long block of text to get their attention so try to use simple ads and descriptive videos where you can state benefits and required skills.

Don’t Forget Your Location

This might be the most important factor when you’re planning your job description. For many job seekers, the most important aspect of job description after salary and benefits is the location of your company. Simply put, you may lose many candidates if you don’t include this in your job description. Doing so, you will avoid chasing candidates who simply cannot commute for an interview at your company . Moreover, if you’re planning to let your employees work remotely, or offer them a work from home day, make sure you specify that in your job description.

These are maybe the important factors that should not miss when you’re planning to write a job description. A simple and concise description with relevant titles and ads wil help you engage employees who conform to your business requirements.