Slay Your Life Like The Warrior Queen You Are: Tips and Tricks to Win at Life

Slay, kill it, make your life worth living. You deserve the best in the world, you just haven’t gotten far enough to know what that is. If you get out, take what you want, make yourself happy while doing it, and take a few friends with you along the way then you are on the way to leading the perfect life.

Go Out And Get What You Want

Go out and get what you want. Easy advice to follow if you have a million dollars. But as a poorie or someone who doesn’t know what they want it can be hard. Setting your goals at things you want instead of going all out on a life mission is a good way to start.

A home, more education, traveling, or just enough money to dive into Scrooge McDuck Style while you browse the pet store that rich people get their extra-adorable animals from are wonderful goals. If you go after smaller, earthly pursuits, it can take you to your end happiness goal. At the very least, it gives you a fire to make your life better, and something to fill your time.


Save some cash, consider your location, and your job. Is this where you want to be for the rest of your life? If yes, then maybe you should own some land in that location and lay your head on it, especially if you think you can afford a mortgage. If you hate where you live, you can still buy a house and rent it out when you leave that shit-hole. Or just rent.

Owning a house is great. You can do what you want with it, make money from it, give yourself some equity. You could even start a fight club in your garage, dig a giant pit in the backyard, or just paint the outside walls a really crazy color. If you want a backyard that you can practice your motocross tricks in, then owning a house might be a goal. Outline the steps you need to accomplish that goal: budget, save for a down-payment, get pre-approved for a loan, and start looking. Why?

Because if you want it, you go out and make it happen.  


Maybe your thirst is for more knowledge. That could lead you to more formal education or some fun classes about a subject that interests you. Downside: education is expensive. While there are a plethora of ways to pay for college, and you could even get your employer to pay for it, being hesitant to step into academia is normal. Pause and think about what you want from the education.

Do you want to learn a skill? Are you going to become a phlebotomist or are you just looking to learn more about pottery? Knowing what you want out of it can help you evaluate the return on investment (ROI) risks. If it’s worth the money (or the time spent creating a kick-ass Powerpoint to convincing your boss to pay for it), do it!


Everybody wants more money. It’s a great supplementary goal. I put it on performance evaluations at work. They ask me, what do you want out of this career? I almost always answer, “to gain more knowledge and more money.”

It’s a wonderful goal to have. You can do a lot of stuff with money, and get a lot of stuff. Like a giant key shaped table or a submarine or spend your old age golfing around. Money is great. You can get it by demanding a raise at work, becoming better (and invaluable) at your job, or by starting your own company. There are a ton of articles that could help you become a better career woman.


Who doesn’t scroll Instagram looking for the pristine beaches and beautiful sunsets across cavern struck hills on some dark foriegn coast on the edge of some dark blue sea. You could travel overseas with some cheap groups or around the country in a tiny house! It depends on what sort of travel you want to do.

If you just want better vacations and you can save the cash, take the trip. If you’re poor af, consider camping, or finding out what makes your state/province especially great. My state, Idaho, has a ton of hot springs the largest canyon in America. I’m sure there’s something great in your state that you haven’t seen yet. Like a giant statue or a vineyard. Or a thousand acres of corn.

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Make Yourself Happy While You Do It

It’s not worth it to aim at a goal you hate doing. Joy is a soft factor, but an important one. Money can make you happy, but is won’t guarantee it. You can live a little better headed towards your major goal by exercising, giving yourself a plan, and taking vacations in between.


Take care of yourself. Exercising the second healthiest thing you can actively do for yourself (first being quitting smoking), plus you love exercise!

Not hopping up a stair-stepper or lifting up and setting things down. But really awesome things, like horseback riding (which is great for your-wellbeing), fencing, karate, krav maga, hiking, biking, perfecting a spin kick, ballet classes, salsa dancing, or trapeze courses. Or if you hate all of these suggestions, there’s no limit to what you can try out to move more. These are activities usually done as a group that bring both health and enjoyment. You might hate typical exercise like I hate exercise. A lot.

But fitting exercise into a fun format that is less regimented is a perfect way to keep yourself a little healthier and a increase your happiness by a factor of 10.

Plan Out Smartly

Stress is a major happiness killer. Effective planning can take care of a lot of stress.

Are you always worried about the bus coming late, whether or not you’ll be late, or if you secretly suck at your job and are going to be fired? Having backup plans make those worries less important.

Worried about being late? Always arrive early if you can, that way any lateness is an unavoidable adventure. Or if you live in constant fear of your job, maybe look for another job, or keep a backlog of similar always open positions that you could pick up. Are you always leaving things at home accidentally, try setting out your stuff in the morning. Whatever you stress about on a constant basis can be conquered with a little planning.

Even dumb stuff, like worrying about running into that lady you hate from the outreach division can be avoided by learning her schedule, and doing some light planning around it. Is she always in the breakroom at your lunch hour? Why not take an earlier or later lunch? Light planning goes a long way from stress -management, especially if you keep B-plans.

Holidays and Vacation Time

One of the best ways to handle your happiness is to take a break. Whether you go out of town, or just extended a weekend and sit at your house, under the blanket marathoning Netflix, eating bad snacks. Taking time off for yourself is important. Your brain needs to de-compress. Give it time to do that. Vacations reduces stress, helps you be more productive, and even improves your heart health. That’s right, you can do more, better work if you take vacation days. Live a better life and take time off.

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Collaborate And Slay

Being social extends your life and makes it a more fulfilling experience. Get some friends, get stuff done. Collaborate and slay life.

Make Work Friends, Get Shit Done

Are you lazy at work? You’re not alone if you feel like you never get anything done. More than 50 percent of employees are disengaged at work, and if you want to get stuff done and engage at work, become a good comrade. Comradery is one of the biggest reasons employees go above and beyond. Engage with your co workers to get the best work out of yourself.

Get Some Real Life Friends

Not only will being social make you a better worker, but it will also make your life better. It has similar health benefits as being a healthy weight or not smoking. Having friends helps your mental health, it helps you de-stress, and that can really help you get stuff done. Friends are people you talk to, who you go to the movies with, who you go on adventures with. An A-plus solution to life success is  getting some really great friends. Plus, worst case scenario, if you’re bad at making friends, but keep trying and are social, you’ll just live longer.

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Mary Grace

Mary Grace is from the majestic Boise, Idaho. She loves hiking, skiing, and all things human interactions. Comment down below or tweet her @marmygrace.

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