SleepPhones – Headphones For Sleeping And More


What a cool product!

I used to use regular earbuds at night but I gave up on them because of how uncomfortable they were.  My SleepPhones are really nice.  I got the SleepPhones Wireless in “one size fits most”.  When I first tried on the headband I wasn’t sure if it was going to fit because I have a small head and it seemed kinda loose but once I got it positioned correctly and laid down it was very comfortable.

The headband itself stays in place nicely and the speakers easily slide into position and then just stay put.  I think you can slightly adjust the size of the band by moving the closure in the back, but for me, I just closed it loosely and it fits quite well.  The controls are simple and pretty user friendly to figure out; power, pause, volume (skip track?..) but I have it set up so I just power it on and it’s good to go.

SleepPhones also has an iTunes app (hopefully they will release for android) with some basic sounds.  I only used their app once and there’s not much to it, but I imagine they will develop it further.  Even if they don’t it’s fine because the product itself is wonderful and there are plenty of sleep apps out there to choose from.

The headband material is perfectly stretchy, not too tight or loose and very soft and comfy fleece. I have been able to use my SleepPhones about 3 nights in a row before it needs charging again.  My suggestion to the company would be to incorporate a timer in the app that would also turn off the headphones, but I’m not a techie so I don’t know if that’s even possible.

They have a variety of products in the SleepPhones line, and they also have RunPhones for exercise.  The price is quite reasonable, especially if you consider the cost for quality earbuds or headphones, and this is way more comfortable to wear.

Overall, I’m REALLY happy with my SleepPhones and they have now become part of my bedtime routine.  A million thank yous for a restful night’s sleep!


I was provided with product for the purpose of review.  The opinion expressed are my own and represent my honest and unbiased evaluation.