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 Here’s what you should know.

First impressions do matter. Why? It’s because there are no second chances when it comes to making a good one. What better way to make a great first impression than with an exceptionally crafted resume?

Needless to say, times have evolved now. Gone are the days when a good resume was a question of good grammar and error checking. Today, a good resume is a combination of a wide range of elements which include completeness, creativity, and most importantly, a resume layout that perfectly matches the profile.  The last thing you want is your resume ending up in the trash pile.

Staring at a blank page? You are not alone

Writing a resume is not easy. Almost everyone struggles, especially with where to start. Luckily, there is a vast collection resume formats developed by experts to help you out. It’s a matter of choosing the best template to guide you through.

Before starting to write your resume, do good research to make sure that you run into something sure to impress the recruiters. When doing your research, you will come across many websites showcasing a wide variety of standard resume formats. Examples of fields you can find standard resume formats to use include:

Finance and accounting

The job possibilities for an expert in finance and accounting are almost endless. They include payroll, tax, accounts payable, sales, accounts receivables, management and sometimes, marketing.

Before starting your resume, you must first have a clear view of the specific job that you are targeting. Virtually all jobs in this field require you to give details about your job history and education qualification (CPAs and a masters degree are a bonus). A work experience of 5 years or more will land you a high-earning job.


The medical field presents a wide variety of jobs including nursing, cardiology, dentistry and many others. As a medical practitioner, you will have to be specific about the fields you specialize in. As this is a challenging field, close attention to detail will be required. The resume design you choose must include sections for your education background and work history. The aim should be to display your enthusiasm and knowledge as a medical guru all through.

Food science and preparation

Candidates passionate about the food seek opportunities to improve the preparation quality, health, and presentation of food in a company or a restaurant establishment. A strong resume should demonstrate the candidate’s top-class knowledge in the concepts underlying food processing. It should also display his/her ability to work with others as a team.


Law is a wide subject. It offers quite a wide category of jobs ranging from law enforcers to lawyers. Most importantly, your resume should display your ability to impact a difference in the system using past work experience. You should find an all-around resume format that displays all your scholastic details while exemplifying the skills that could help you land a job in different scenarios.

Social services

Experience in this field could land you a job as a therapist, administrative coordinator, and a counselor or an educator in fields requiring experience in everyday life. Social workers with top-notch educational qualifications such as a bachelors or masters degree are the most sought after. As a boost, you should outline your past experiences in detail.

Computer science and technology

Recruiters in this field will be looking for a resume that stands out. The resume format used should include a clear section for the candidate’s certifications, past publications, industry-related hobbies and other personal accomplishments such as field-related awards for participating in tech-competitions.

Additional Key points for you

In addition to choosing the ideal profile design for your resume, there are some key points that you should observe.

Firstly, it is important to be consistent with your formatting choices. Different formatting on the same resume may sometimes crash, making your resume to look weird. Stick to the same font from top to bottom when doing your resume.

Secondly, indicating on your resume that you have a website works as a bonus for consideration in the position you are applying for in most cases. Your own website serves as something to back up and almost verify the printed resume that you send to your employer. As an alternative to presenting yourself on a website, some resume design websites may allow you to share your resume online. With just a single click, recruiters can access it from anywhere.

The bottom line

As we have seen, some jobs may only require you to state the tasks which you think you can accomplish comfortably. Others will require you to demonstrate your knowledge about certain aspects associated with that particular job. Here’s the bottom line, it all comes down to utilizing resume formats that best highlight your skills, career history and resume objectives as well.

This guest post was authored by Rekha Pant and our friends at Canva.  Check them out for your resume formats and lots of other design and graphics resources!


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