Smoke Or Vapor: Which Is Safer

Smoke or Vapor

In recent times, the Internet has been playing host to some interesting arguments coming from loads of different corners. These debates come from everywhere; with scientists, stay-at-home moms, and everything in-between. So, what exactly is causing such a fuss? It’s a simple little device called an e-cigarette. The people that back these products say that they are healthier than smoking, and provide an easy way to quit. But, it’s opponents think more research is needed before further action is taken. To try and figure out which is truly better, out of smoking and vaping, this post will be going through what they do to your body.

There’s a lot of research surrounding cigarettes. There are several powerful organizations dedicated to trying to ban smoking altogether. This is because smoking is an incredibly dangerous substance. It won’t kill you the first time you use it, but over time, you will definitely feel the effects. When you smoke regularly, you greatly increase the chance that you will suffer from heart problems. Your blood pressure will be higher. And, your blood will be more likely to clot. Along with the risks it poses to your heart, smoking also damages your lungs, throat, and mouth. Increasing the risk of cancer in these areas, and making it likely that you’ll suffer from a vast array of other unpleasant issues. Smoking will impact your fitness almost straight away. And, it will ruin your sense of smell and taste.

Smoke or Vapor

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Now, everyone believes that e-cigarettes are safer than traditional smokes; even those who don’t like e-cigs. But, this doesn’t mean that they are completely safe. One of the biggest concerns about e-cigarettes for some is the nicotine. But, this is completely unfounded. Nicotine isn’t the harmful chemical in cigarettes. And, like cigarettes, different e-liquids can contain different chemicals. So, when you use an e-liquid without knowing the ingredients; you could be putting yourself at risk. Some websites will only sell products that are considered safe, though. So, using sites like Lizard Juice or Totally Wicked can improve your chances of safety. And, following the latest research out there will help you to make sure that you’re not making any mistakes.

Regardless of whether or not e-cigarettes are completely safe, it’s sure to say that they’re much less harmful than cigarettes themselves. There is a lot of evidence to show that e-cigarettes can prove to be an excellent quitting aid for some people, too. When it comes to quitting smoking, something different will work for everyone. Using an e-cigarette is good if you want to wean yourself off of nicotine. But, it might be worth trying to avoid in in the long-term, just in case it turns out that e-cigarettes are in fact incredibly dangerous. This situation is very unlikely at this time; but, it’s worth being prepared for the worst. And, no addiction is a good addiction.

Hopefully, this will inspire you to give quitting the stinkies a try. Whether you use an e-cigarette or not; quitting smoking will lead to some great health benefits. So, it could be worth seeing a doctor to make sure that you’re trying the best option for you.