Social Networking Cards: Nailed It!

You’d have to be asleep to have missed how much the way people interact has changed drastically since the turn of the millennium.  The rules, and the objectives, have evolved around new rules and concepts.  Every aspect of how you communicate is critical, because we live in a very short attention span world.  So, if you’re still carrying that little rectangular business card, you may want to consider today’s hippest option.

social network cards

Seriously . . . You Need To Update

Advertising By Any Other Name

Virtually everything is driven by advertising, or by the rules of advertising.  And the internet and social media in particular are the powerhouses of advertising.  While you may not consciously think about it, you are also actively engaged at advertising and selling yourself, all day, every day.  From social introductions to resumes, it’s all about the same basics.

According to IMediaConnection, here are five of the new rules, and  what they mean to a modern Ms Career Girl:

1. Capture interest and attention.  Do you want to be rectangular, ordinary, old-fashioned . . . or hip, unique, and stand out from the crowd?

2. Extend engagement.  We all retain by association.  By using a social networking card for your calling card, the person holding it is much more likely to associate the card with you.  Because it’s memorable.  And by association, so are you.

3. Activate toward client goals.    Your Twitter, Facebook, and other pages should reflect what you do and who you are.  (You know that, right?)   And the social networking card makes it easy to connect with the clients goals.

4. Branding and brand building.  Goals are like the building blocks of your brand.  Your brand is you.  There is nothing more powerful that having others recognize it.

5. Reinforce recall and retention.  In today’s world, they don’t want your business address.  They want your social network handles and addresses.  Make it easy for them to remember and contact you where virtually everybody is every day.

Social Networking Cards Are NOW

Unless you’re one of the holdouts against the march of progress, you’ve got accounts on anywhere from two to a dozen social media sites.  It’s time to update your social interactions offline as well.  In keeping with the above tips from the advertising and media experts, we’ve found one of the newest and most unique social networking card sources out there.

social networking cards

At socialcirclecards, it’s all about networking in today’s modern, fast paced world.  Gone are the days of plain business cards or address books.  Social network cards tell the real story of who you are.  They display your networking self.  Not just your name, cell, email, but your Facebook,  Instagram, and other social media info.  Add to that the fun shape and you have a great new spin on an old idea that is fun and easy to hand out to your friends, family, and friends of friends!  Finish the whole thing off with a unique carrying case.  Nothing gives off a modern on-the-go image like these!

Image Credit:  Old Business Card Dave