Shit Happened: A Woman’s Spirit-Based Recovery

Most of us don’t live a fairy tale life in which we never have to endure trials and failures.  Life, yes, shit happens.  Often, we get blindsided and lose our balance for a period of time.  Sometimes, we get completely derailed.  Since these are the realities of life, it only makes sense to be prepared.  Having a recovery plan will make it easier to get through the tough times.  Here’s one that’s based on re-connecting with your spiritual roots.

In my view, connecting to your spiritual roots has nothing to do with religion. And,  I don’t pretend to know any great mysteries of life and death. But I’ve had too many experiences in life that confirm to me that I am more than just this heap of flesh and bones.  Every time I’ve endured major stumbles in my life, part of the process of coming back involved a renewed connection to that part of me that sees, knows, and is more than the physical me.  By embracing that path, it’s easy to identify the parts that help to come back stronger and better than ever.

Overcome Doubt

Doubt is a killer of dreams.  It’s so easy to have your confidence shaken after a life-shattering experience.   Getting past the doubt is critical, and it is the most important first step.  Remember, shit happens to virtually everyone.  Instead of doubting and blaming yourself, look at the experience for what it can teach you.

I remember a song by the classic singer Barbara Streisand, There Are No Mistakes, Just Lessons To Be Learned.   Let that be your mantra.  Learn the lessons, let them help you plan and build a better future.  Then, let go of the doubt.


Owning Your Voice

Too often, cultural habits have resulted in women stifling their inner wisdom.  Even as they witness an event unfolding, they hold back from taking a stand.  Quietly, silently, they allow a reality to unfold that is counter to their intuitive knowing.

Practice and develop the trust that your voice, your unique perspective is of great value.   It matters, and in a world full of chaos is badly needed.   Be committed to confidently connecting with your inner knowing and sharing it.

Stay Connected To Your True Self

Connecting to self doesn’t mean you’re going to become a spiritual guru and sit in a cave contemplating life.  It means you honor and embrace the part of you that the conscious brain doesn’t necessarily understand.

There are many ways to accomplish this.  Regular walks in nature.  Yoga.  Meditation.  And the simple practice of feeling, not just speaking, gratitude.  Develop your own mantras for life that remind you of who and what you are.  Put them in your smartphone and when you start to feel disconnected, read them to give yourself a boost.

Build Circles

Circles are the round building blocks of life.   Closest in are the intimate circles.  From there, the larger circles include your friends and family, and finally your extended network.  From a business perspective, the outer circles are your team, and then those with whom you collaborate.

Whether you are working on a comeback from a personal or business meltdown doesn’t matter.  The spirit-based process is similar, and a key piece is your authenticity.  The best relationships in any circle are made strong by the glue of authenticity.  Be who you are, be true to yourself, and the quality of the relationship bonds will provide a strength that endures.

Recovery Resources

If this short course on rebounding resonates with you, you may want to consider a more in-depth look at the concepts.  Kaya Singer,  in her book Wiser and Wilder, has created a “how to be” guide that will empower you to grow yourself, your life, and your business from a spirit-centered focus.

If you’re more inclined to dive into the mechanics of surviving and thriving, Reinvention by Shane Cragun and Kate Sweetman show how to  develop resiliency and survive, and thrive, in our “age of disruption.”

Since balance is usually a good thing, I’d suggest both reads to arm yourself with a full set of tools that will serve you well when life sends storms your way.


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Linda Allen

I'm a serial entrepreneur, with a resume that makes me look like a Jane of all trades. Pretty sure we are all reluctant Messiahs, travelling through life planting seeds where ever we can. Hopefully, most of mine have been good ones! MA from Miami University (Ohio, not Florida), BA from Cal State.

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