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First Time In Toronto? JustFly Has Three Tips For Your Trip To The Big Smoke

 Toronto, Ontario, thanks in no small part to Drake, is coming closer to the forefront of popular culture. The Six as it sometimes affectionately called, hasn’t crept up on everyone though, as many have already recognized Toronto as one of the coolest cities on the continent. While there is no shortage of things to see and do, there are some general ground rules you can use for getting the most out of your trip. JustFly, an online travel agency, gave me three of these rules which they recommend to anyone planning to travel to Toronto.


 The TTC Is Your Friend

 Public transit. Sure, everyone has their horror story, but in a city like Toronto you need to open your heart to the idea of it. Thankfully Toronto has a fleet of mostly brand new trains, streetcars, and buses making for a slightly cleaner and smoother experience for riders. So, why such an emphasis on public transit? Well, Toronto is a city where drivers become public transit riders. Not because its easy, but because driving is just so hard. Toronto traffic can be merciless and is generally considered the worst traffic in the country of Canada. So, take the subway.


Stay South Of Bloor Street

 Real fact about Toronto, it is massive. The Greater Toronto Area is home to roughly six million people. With that being said, the areas you want to see are generally concentrated between Bloor Street andtravel to Toronto the Lakeshore. Obviously if you have family elsewhere in the city, hit up the North end, but for the average traveler you are better off focusing your efforts on staying South of Bloor. This area is also better served by public transit and helps you avoid some high traffic situations near the 401 Highway, which is Canada’s busiest highway according to JustFly’s review.

 Dress Light Because Toronto Is Hot

 Toronto is in Canada. What this means for some is that they will assume that Toronto is a frozen ice graveyard. Surprise! Toronto is actually generally one of the hottest spots in Canada according to JustFly. While Toronto is still subject to the odd Winter storm during the colder months of the year, Toronto is generally spared the full force of Winter. In the Summer, Toronto is generally quite hot, with temperatures hanging around and over 30 degrees celsius. Add in humidity and you have a recipe for some insanely hot weather. Needless to say, being unprepared for weather in Toronto can make for a gross experience, so make sure you are ready.

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