Strong Women in Fiction and Non-Fiction this Fall

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As the goal-oriented, kick-ass women that we are, we all like strong women, and seeing other women overcome adversity and succeed in life gives us extra joy and makes us cheer. With that in mind, why would you waste time on any female characters without grit? Jump directly to these satisfying stories about ladies who inspire us! This list of strong women in fiction and non-fiction genres is sure to satisfy your desire to take life by the horns and enjoy it page by page!

Lost Girls of Willowbrook by Ellen Marie Wiseman

Perfect for readers of Margaret Atwood and Girl, Interrupted, the evocative new book from the New York Times bestselling author of The Orphan Collector blends fact, fiction, and the urban legend of Cropsey in 1970s New York. This is the haunting story of a young woman mistakenly imprisoned at Willowbrook State School, the real-life institution later shuttered for its horrendous abuses. Talk about a strong woman. She had to overcome things most of us can’t even comprehend. All while her twin sister sets out to find her and save her, despite being told she was dead for the better part of her life. 

East of Troost by Ellen Barker 

This story details a woman rebuilding her life back in the city she grew up in (Kansas City) after her husband passes away and her house across the country burns down. The landscape and residents of the town she grew up in has changed dramatically since she left it, but she eventually finds her way and works to make her childhood home a better place.  

More Than You Can See by Barbara Rubin 

A touching memoir of a young woman that almost dies in a car crash that strikes a delicate balance between sorrow and joy, heartbreak and triumph. More Than You Can See is Barbara’s story of moving beyond tragedy (and a traumatic brain injury) and discovering profound and fulfilling life lessons waiting for her on the other side.

ENOUGH: A Memoir of Mistakes, Mania, and Motherhood by Amelia Zachry  

A memoir of trauma and healing, mental illness and resilience, culture shock and new beginnings, devastation and triumph, Enough is one woman’s story of learning to make peace with the fact that things are as they should be, even if she sometimes wishes they were different—and of discovering that however far away it may seem, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

Such A Pretty Girl by T Greenwood

Against the nostalgic grit of 1970s New York City, the precarious lines between girl and woman, art and obscenity, fetish and fame flicker and ignite for a young girl on the brink of stardom and a mother on the verge of collapse in this vividly lyrical drama from the award-winning author T. Greenwood. Perfect for fans of Taylor Jenkins Reid, Emma Cline, and Ella Berman!

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