Super Cool Gift Idea: The Book of Dad

Fathers are notoriously difficult to shop for. Thanks to The Book of Everyone, shopping for Dad just got easier with the launch of The Book of Dad.


Plug in some basic information, and the online algorithmic generator then custom makes a one-of-a-kind creation dedicated to your Dad filled with fun and interesting facts about them at different time periods in their life, making it a very personal gift.

In addition to The Book of Dad, for Fathers Day The Book of Everyone has set up a project called “What I Never Told My Dad” exploring relationships we have with our dads.  Often it’s the things unsaid that scream the loudest, and for some reason this is especially true when it comes to relationships with Dads.  But what kind of things would people want to say, given the opportunity and permission to express themselves?


The Book of Everyone loved the idea of bringing people together through this site, and that it could start conversations about peoples own relationships with their dads.

You can view the site here.

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