Supporting Women’s Equality All Year Round

supporting women's equality all year round

This Women’s History Month, let us remember that our fight for equality does not end when the month ends, but rather continues throughout the year. It is time for us to look past ourselves and come together to support those out there who are still fighting for women’s rights. Here are five organizations we can join in supporting women’s equality all year round.

Women’s Media Center (WMC) –

The WMC amplifies the voices of women in media through advocacy, media monitoring and research, leadership training, original content production, and more. With a mission to make “women visible and powerful in media” this organization works towards creating a more equitable world by promoting gender equity in media coverage. They work with major media outlets like CBS News, NBC Universal, Hearst Magazines as well as smaller companies like Bustle Digital Group.

National Organization for Women (NOW) –

Founded in 1966 on the premise that “women must have full rights of economic independence, reproductive freedom and equal opportunity at every level of society” NOW has been working ever since towards ensuring that these rights are protected and kept safe. They have organized campaigns around issues such as ending violence against women; stopping discrimination in employment; promoting diversity within corporate America; eliminating racism; advocating for LGBTQIA+ rights; among many others.

Women Who Code –

This organization serves as a platform for women from all backgrounds interested in technology-related fields such as engineering, computer science or coding by providing learning opportunities aimed at cultivating their skillset in order to help them get into tech careers. It has grown from just 50 members into an organization with over 200K members across 65 countries worldwide!

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Girls Who Code –

This nonprofit organization works towards closing the gender gap in Technology by inspiring girls from elementary school through college with programs designed to teach them coding skills as well as provide mentorship opportunities with role models who work within tech fields. By doing so they hope to empower girls everywhere with skills they can use both now and later on when they enter into their professional lives.

Voto Latino –

This organization works towards increasing civic engagement among young adults aged 18-35 by empowering communities across US with resources needed to fully engage politically so they are able to stand up for what matters most. They organize voter registration drives on college campuses across US as well as rallies advocating for certain causes such as immigration reform or gun control laws among others.

We need more than one month per year dedicated solely to celebrating women’s accomplishments—we need constant action if we want true equality between men and women. That being said, these five organizations are great places where you can start making a difference today. Let’s show our support for these organizations all year round—it is only then that our collective voice will be loud enough that it cannot be ignored anymore.

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