How to take charge of your job search

Whether you’re looking for a promotion or fancy a complete career change, taking charge of your job search is a must. With a positive attitude, plenty of ambition and lots of hard work you’re sure to find something that’s worth getting up for every morning, so here’s how to land the role of your dreams.


Apply for jobs digitally

These days, you can apply for a number of jobs digitally by submitting your CV and cover letter to multiple employers. While the process is straightforward, the key is to be proactive as (unless you’re extremely lucky) an ideal role isn’t going to fall into your lap without you putting in any effort. There really is no excuse for slacking: with recruiters such as posting regional job vacancies on a daily basis there are plenty of opportunities to find a great role right on your doorstep.

Set a job hunt schedule

If you haven’t had a job in a while or have been worn down by the daily grind it can be easy to procrastinate and do everything but look for a new life-enriching job – after all, sitting around in your pyjamas has got to be better than the nine-to-five, right? Well, a sedentary lifestyle might suit some people but actually making the most of your skills and giving yourself a purpose can be extremely rewarding, so long as you’re doing the right thing. With this in mind, it is well-worth setting yourself a strict job hunt schedule where you sit down and actively apply for roles rather than walking the dog, cleaning the house or calling your friends.

Conquer your fears

Many people are scared of change but there are ways to conquer your fears and progress down a career path that suits your personality and interests. Of course, starting a new job is always daunting but taking risks is part of life and will prevent your life and skill set from stagnating. To help lower anxiety, start by writing down what you’re good at and look for jobs that match your strengths. If you’ve a love for writing, for instance, and have experience as a copywriter or editor, a content executive position could be right up your street. Don’t be afraid to push yourself, however. Have faith in your abilities and don’t shy away from leadership or management roles as these often come with a healthy salary and could improve your confidence as well as your bank balance.

Ask questions at an interview

The purpose of an interview is not only to see if the employer thinks you’re suitable for the role. It’s also the ideal opportunity for you to ask as many questions as you want to ensure you’ll be happy accepting any job offers that might come your way. While many job descriptions are fairly thorough, there might be details missing that you want to know more about such as working hours or upcoming projects. Don’t be shy. Voicing your opinion and asking relevant, informed and intelligent interview questions is a great way to show your interest but be careful not to ask anything which is clearly stated in the job ad or company’s website as this will show a lack of research.

Taking charge of your job search can leave you feeling positive and in control, so it is certainly worth biting the bullet and looking for the best way to enhance your career.

Ms. Career Girl

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