The #1 Question To Ask In Any Important Conversation

There is a phrase that will make communication more meaningful.  The #1 question to ask in any important conversation is simply: “Tell Me More About That”.

It is a much more elegant way to obtain the information you are seeking. So instead of asking questions that likely only have a yes/no reply (i.e. “Do you like soccer?”), you can instead request they tell you more about __________. And then just listen.


At an interview       

“Tell me more about your company culture.”

“Tell me more about what was previously effective.”

“Tell me more about your goals.”

“Tell me more about what success for this event looks like”

On a date

“Tell me more about your family.”

“Tell me more about one of your interests.”

“Tell me more about your relationship.”

“Tell me more about where you grew up.”

With your family and friends

“Tell me more about your last vacation.”

“Tell me more about your friends at school.”

“Tell me more about your new career.”

“Tell me more about your Halloween party.”

Fill in the blank for an RT!  “Tell me more about _______.” @kellymc247

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