The 5 Steps To Being The Best At What You Do

When you picture your most successful friend, career-wise, what do you see? What characteristics do they posses? They are most likely dependable, driven, focused, boast a proven track record of achievement, have a defined list of attainable goals set, and are also excellent communicators.

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What separates the cream from the rest of the crop isn’t a magical combination of good genes and better than average luck. What makes people successful, and how they come to be known as the best at what they do, is simple:

1. Follow through.

This may seem easy, but many fail to develop the ability to actually do what they say they are going to do. Actually be the person to do it and follow through every single timeIf you say that you will get back to someone by the end of the day, do it. If you say that you’ll complete a project by the end of the week, do it. Make an effort to be dependable and do this by finishing every task and goal by the deadline you set for yourself.

2. Be the problem solver.

One of the quickest ways to earn more responsibility is to help others. Who cares if it isn’t your job? Solving issues, no matter what or whose they are, will increase your efficiency and help you to become adept at prioritizing. When you become the go-to-girl, unforeseen doors are guaranteed to open. You will become known as a leader and as someone that people can turn to in a crisis. Known dependability is an essential to your career success.

3. Think like a warrior.

Always be tough and try your best not to take things personally. When experiencing conflict at work, focus your energy on rising above and carring yourself with grace. Go in every day with the attitude that you are capable and competent. Stay calm in stressful situations and hone your skills on responding rather than reacting. When you react to something, you do it from a place that conveys defensiveness. When you respond, you come from a place of calm and thought-out decision. To read more about responding vs. reacting, take a look at this.

4. Be kind.

Do your best to embody the well-known saying “do all things with kindness”. No matter the situation, there is never a justification to be unkind or malicious. Make sure your behavior is in line with the reputation you would like to hold. It isn’t possible to be liked by every person we work but it is possible to lead with with kindness and compassion. Set an example in your office and be the one that is slow to anger and is always radiating positivity.

5. Know your job.

The better you understand your own role the better you will become. The way to be the best is to know as much about something as you possibly can. In addition to understanding your own role make an effort to understand the other departments at your company. The better you know your own job function, expectations, and limitations, the more adept you will become at recognizing opportunities and climbing the ranks.

This article lists 15 Quick Tips for Excelling at Work and is great food for thought. Check it out! Now go out and be the best at what you do.

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Sarah Cueto

Sarah earned her B.S. in Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior from UC Davis. She is a resident of sunny San Diego, CA, and is currently working in a Sales & Marketing capacity within the biotech industry. She is focused on her blossoming career, developing her identity as a young professional, and is an avid blogger. Sarah writes regularly about her experiences as a twenty-something woman trying to figure it all out, and in the name of twenty-somethings everywhere, on her blog Twenty-Everything.