The Balancing Act of a “Mompreneur”

The balancing act of being a wife, new mom and career woman is like walking a tightrope. Sometimes I glance down and am shocked to find there is no safety net below. I start to shake and worry if I can make it; so much to do and so little time and energy. Then, there are times when I look back and wonder how I ever made it across so effortlessly from one side to the other without even trying and never looking down.

I am an every way woman and this is my story.

I have always wanted to be a successful career woman. Ever since I was a little girl, I dreamed of wearing the sexy business suit to the office, being busy on the phone and making executive decisions that would further my career. I was raised to be successful and assertive, to never give up. You control your future. Your destiny is what you make of it. Sound familiar?

However, ever since I was a little girl, I also wanted to be married and have babies.… at least five or six! I knew I would eventually get married, I just never imagined it would be to the love of my life, my true soul mate.

Why is being a mother always butting heads with being a career woman? Why is this a conundrum for most women? Why is it that we seem like we always have to choose one option over the other?

To be a seriously successful business woman, you have to give up your hopes of ever having a family. Sure, you drive a 500 S-class Mercedes-Benz, own a fabulous home in Malibu, but no free time since you’re always working overtime because you have no one to come home to after work. What a horrible double-edged sword that is….

On the other hand, to be a loving wife and nurturing mother, you have to give up a successful career. Being at home, raising your children and watching them grow-there is nothing like it. Hands down, raising your babies is the most important journey a new mom will take. You are there from their first smile to their first step, you, the mom, were there.

Being a mom is an overwhelming feeling of incredible pride, love, joy, happiness and completeness that is so special.

Being a mom is something so wonderful and so unexplainable, words cannot describe the feeling you have every time your little “bundle of joy,” your “miracle” look up at you and smile wholeheartedly. Just knowing that you helped create this little life is truly a blessing.

However, what about making money and trying to provide for your “little pumpkin?” How can a mom raise her babies, work, cook, clean and still be sexy for her husband?

Is it just me or does this seem so unfair and unjust? On the up side, women are much better at multitasking and on the average tend to outlive their spouses.

Wait, but what does that mean? Great, so now we are innately able to juggle more responsibilities until we are in our early to late 80’s and do all this alone. But, that’s the beauty of being a woman. We can and we should try to do and have it all.

Sometimes life throws you curve balls and just when you think you can’t do something. Stop, face forward and march on.

Kristina Irwin

With nearly a decade of public relations, marketing and communications experience, Kristina Irwin worked for big name public relations agencies such as Edelman and Ruder Finn before launching 24Karat Public Relations in 2008. Additionally Kristina has coordinated eye-catching grand opening and red carpet events, press conferences and media/analyst tours. Irwin is passionate about family, politics and pop culture. She lives in Santa Monica, CA with her loving husband, two year old son and beautiful newborn baby girl.

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