The Core Responsibilities of Human Resources 

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There are many important departments that make up a successful business. Few are as important as HR, which is often considered to be the glue of any successful organization as it ensures that the core needs of the employees are well looked after. Whether you are thinking about pursuing a role in HR or you want to know what your human resources department should be handling, this post will teach you all that you need to know about the core responsibilities of this critical department.


One of the key responsibilities of HR is recruitment. Recruitment is one of the most important processes to go through as you will want to attract the top talent to your business and the right person for the job. HR can handle all aspects of recruitment, including sourcing talent, background checking, interviewing, creating contracts and handling redundancies.

Wellbeing & Safety

HR is also responsible for the wellbeing and safety of staff, and this includes both physical and mental wellness. HR can provide support and services for mental health, speak to employees that are showing signs of burnout and take steps to create a safe work environment. This is hugely important for several reasons, first and foremost as it is a duty of care. It also helps protect against financial and legal burdens as employees could seek compensation for an accident at work if it was due to an unsafe working environment. 

Learning & Development

In order to be successful, businesses need to nurture the workforce which this is another area that is handled by HR. HR will arrange training for staff, assist with career development, manage probation periods and handle in-company education. This is key for getting the most out of employees while also benefitting staff by allowing them to develop their skillsets and aim for higher salary brackets. This is a good example of how the HR department supports the needs of the business and those of its employees. 


HR will also oversee a lot of the admin tasks that the business needs to keep on top of, playing a key role in keeping the company running smoothly. The department is responsible for managing the personal details of employees, drafting official communication, writing contracts and policies and handling payroll. This means that organizational skills must be particularly strong when working in HR.

These are a few of the main responsibilities of the HR department. As you can see, HR plays a very important role in the business and is key for holding everything together. HR supports both employees and the business and will handle all areas relating to the employee experience, including everything from recruitment all the way through to exit interviews. This makes HR a rewarding area to work in as you know that you are aiding and supporting people at work while also helping the business to thrive. 

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