Is a Career in Beauty the Right Choice for You?


The beauty industry is one of the UK’s premier success stories when it comes to businesses. The market improved rapidly after the coronavirus pandemic, and with more non-surgical treatments available than ever before, beauty has been effectively democratised. As such, the industry is a particularly lucrative one to start a career in. But how can you know if a career in beauty is right for you?

A Creative Spark

In order to foster a meaningful career in beauty, desire and fortitude are only parts of a much larger equation. Beauty practitioners, salon owners and stylists are more than experienced; they are creative. There is a reason ‘artist’ is a frequently used job title in the UK beauty industry. 

Cultivating your creativity is key to excelling in a beauty career, whether starting your own business or advancing through professional ranks. You need to bring fresh ideas to existing treatments, and be prepared to chart your own path to blazing trails and setting trends.  


If you are considering a career in beauty, you already live and breathe beauty. You likely possess a multiplicity of talents, and hope that being a jack-of-all-trades with increase your chances of success. But, on the contrary, it is specialising in something unique to you that sets you apart from the rest.

Rather than attempting to market yourself as a one-stop shop for beauty, try instead to master a single, specific discipline. In so doing, you can centre yourself as an expert in a niche, and cement your place in that part of the industry for good. This works just as well for freelance mobile salon owners as it does for make-up artists to the stars.

Customer Service

Of course, beauty is about much more than your skills. Clients and customers also need to trust you, and feel at ease while you work your magic. This is why customer service is paramount to success in beauty. In order to go far with your discipline, you need to be a people person as much as you are a skilled practitioner. This goes for before and after your work as well as during.

Initial Investments

In starting out your beauty career, there are also some significant investments to be made in order for you to start trading properly. For the professional nail artist, a full inventory of polishes and varnishes needs to be built-up, and nail-drying equipment bought. For the salon owner, waxing kits need to be purchased to offer quality treatments – and serious investment needs to be made in décor to make the space a comfortable and inviting one.

The Long Game

All of the above is not only in service of the best possible start to your beauty career, but also to the longevity of your career. With the right investments and the right top-ups in training and knowledge, you can ensure you are always on top of the next trend and able to cater to your customers’ needs. You can also develop your networking and customer retention skills as you improve, enabling you to build a strong foundation of returning customers.