3 Tips When Creating Your Next Organizational or Corporate Team

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“Try these three tips when creating your next organizational or corporate team,” says Catherine Mattiske, “and leave the frustration behind for good!”

Groupthink Stinks. Don’t Hire People Like Yourself – Ever! — 

“Groupthink” occurs when group members feel forced to agree on a plan of action rather than provide constructive criticism, competing perspectives, or their own ideas. Group harmony stifles good judgment and innovative problem-solving. Managers often hire people precisely like themselves. Some get a sense of comfort by doing this, while others simply want their own opinions validated. Whatever the reason, hiring people exactly like yourself is a huge mistake.

SOLUTION: Vary the makeup of your team by how they process problems. This way, you’ll get a variety of viewpoints, ensuring you’ll come up with the most viable solution. You can do this by balancing your team by their Inner Genius Archetype. Every team member has an Archetype – one of 12 ways of processing the information they take in — some use a hands-on approach; some experiment, brainstorm, and invent possibilities; others focus on the big picture; others mine and create data, facts, and figures!

To Work Like Clockwork, Try Greasing Your Team’s Gears — 

A well-oiled machine is an example of a highly functional team, but let’s be honest: such a team may not perform so well on day one, much alone on day 30. Even the most evenly distributed team members need some time to get along… or do they?

SOLUTION: Make sure every member of your team knows how each and every other member of the team prefers to learn and communicate. For example, suppose Nancy learns best by processing the big picture. In that case, knowledgeable team members will include it in their emails and conversations: “Nancy, in the Vision Report, you’ll recall that we set out to acquire an organization that could give us expanded operational manufacturing facilities, as we’re stretched in this area.” These team members hook Nancy’s attention and engage her creativity by doing so. As a result, Nancy will feel that their teammates are speaking her language. Imagine a whole team doing this with each other on Day 1: instant rapport, instant flow, instant team chemistry!

Live for the Pivot — 

Many organizations were dealt a body blow by COVID-19. Even with the most thorough contingency arrangements in place, very few people were able to escape unhurt. The corporate team of today must not only be prepared for change but also actively seek it out. They need to have the adaptability that allows them to make adjustments and meet deadlines.

SOLUTION: Train your team in Learning Agility. Not only do the learning agile have an ability to walk the razor’s edge and live inside new and unprecedented situations, but they have an insatiable appetite for change. They also are highly results-focused, having the acumen to deliver results by the prescribed deadline — especially in critical, new, and challenging situations. Also, they can think critically about complex situations, act like a sponge for new information, and constantly solicit feedback to improve. Is that the type of team makeup you want? I sure do!

This guest post was authored by Catherine Mattiske

Global business educator and author Catherine Mattiske is the founder of TPC — The Performance Company, a leading training and consulting organization that has worked with Fortune 100 companies worldwide. Established in 1994, TPC has offices in Sydney, Los Angeles, New York, London, Singapore, and Basel (Switzerland). Learn more at TheGeniusQuotient.com.


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