The Difference Between Negligent And Reckless Driving

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Car accident laws state that every driver has a responsibility to stay safe while driving and avoid a fatal accident. When drivers fail to exhibit this kind of driving, known as defensive driving, they are considered reckless or negligent drivers. In most cities, there is no lack of reckless or negligent drivers. Every day, there are countless wrecks, crashes, and fatal accidents. A car accident is no laughing matter.

There’s a fine line between reckless and negligent driving. Read below to find out the difference, how you can avoid being a reckless and negligent driver and what you should do if a reckless or negligent driver hits you.

Reckless Driving:

 Every state can define reckless driving as they wish. But using Texas as an example, According to Section 545.401 of the Texas Transportation Code, a person commits the offense of reckless driving if the person “drives a vehicle in willful or wanton disregard for the safety of persons or property.”

Reckless driving consists of: running traffic lights, tailgating, speeding, running stop signs, etc. Reckless driving occurs on highways, roads, parking lots, and even shopping centers.

If accused of reckless driving, you can face criminal charges and be held liable if you injure others in a car accident. When this happens, an accident lawyer will come in handy to assess the case.

Negligent Driving:

While reckless driving is described as driving with disregard, defensive driving is defined as driving without reasonable care. This includes distracted driving, fatigued driving, and driving while intoxicated. An accident caused by negligent driving is done not on purpose, but they are still held liable for damages.

Legal Nightmare

How to Avoid Reckless/Negligent Driving:

Following the rules of the road is the best way to avoid reckless and negligent driving. Here are some tips to keep you a safe driver:

  1. Be Alert – Always pay attention while on the road. Keeping your mind alert while driving will help you prevent a fatal accident from occurring. Pay attention, especially in school zones, construction zones, traffic, inclement weather, etc.
  2. Eliminate Distractions – Any and all distractions should be avoided while driving. Applying makeup, changing the radio, eating, and even reading are not allowed while you are behind the wheel.
  3. NEVER Drink and Drive – According to the NHTSA, every day, about 28 people in the United States die in drunk-driving crashes — that’s one person every 52 minutes. Don’t be the reason someone never gets home at night. Use a Rideshare app to get home safely.

A Reckless or Negligent Driver Hit Me

If a reckless or negligent driver hits you, it’s important to contact the best car accident lawyer you know. Car accident lawyers are trained and licensed professionals with the knowledge to help you with your car accident case. From obtaining evidence to navigating insurance companies, car accident lawyers, also known as personal injury lawyers, can help you every step of the way. You can be rest assured that a car accident lawyer will get you the maximum compensation for your damages.

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