The Drink War

I live in New York City and drinks here can be REAL expensive. Like—I’m-not-going-to-be-able-to-pay-rent-cause-my-bar-tab-is-that-incredibly-high-from-two-drinks expensive. So, when a free drink comes my way, I’m always one to accept! I mean, who wouldn’t right??


Is there ever a time when accepting a drink is not okay?

What if he is a creepy old man? What if it is a co-worker? What if it is a guy you know you have absolutely no interest in? Is it still okay?

My friend brought this question to my attention because she has a boyfriend. Whenever she accompanies her single ladies out to the bar, she always feels guilty taking a free drink when she knows that she is off the market. Not only is she taking a drink from a guy who could be working his moves on an available lady, and she is “talking” to a guy that isn’t her boyfriend.

But this is what I think, from the opinion of a cheap, penny pinching, attention loving yet independent woman:  if a guy wants to buy a drink for you that is totally his choice. There are no ties to a drink. A drink is not a binding contract stating that you must devote a certain amount of time to said gentleman or repay for drink in other ways.

A drink is a drink.

If you are one of those guilty types, who feel bad for taking a drink, or if you want to give the signal that you are not interested, just say, “Oh thanks! Next one is on me!” That way, you show that you are not taking his drink but instead just having a buddy-drink-exchange. With that line, the likelihood of the guy sticking around long enough for a second round is slim. He will be off to find new meat.

If that creepy guy comes along- you know the one I’m talking about… the guy that tucks his polo into sweatpants, the guy that looks like he is car-dancing without the car, the guy that definitely has a few restraining orders out on him, there are a few options:

1. Run away.

2. Do an ear tug, an eye roll, or shoot a text to your friend across the bar to save you.

3. Look at the bartender! They are your friends. You might have to buy them a shot in appreciation but they will save you if needed.

4. (My favorite) Trump his crazy. Be crazier than him where you scare him away. Tell him the story of how you once killed and ate a skunk cause consuming the skunk juices prevent you from eminent death in the approaching apocalypse.

And then of course there is always the question of safety. Is this guy going to roofie your drink? Is this guy trying to get you to a un-safe state of inebriation? To this I say—GURL- GET WITH IT!!! Never be in a bar where you are vulnerable enough for this to happen. Always be in clear view with your friends. Or better yet, just don’t get slutty, sloppy drunk.

So what are your thoughts? So I sound like a selfish chick? Would you take drinks from anyone? Do you have rules?

Let’s talk.

Happy Thursday y’all!

Lauren Schaefer

Lauren Schaefer is a nonprofit event planner, comedy improviser, avid blogger and New York City single lady. She documents her own new journey as a young professional in New York at her blog From the Fifth Floor.

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