The iPhone 6 Is a Great Choice for the Modern Career Girl  

In today’s increasingly digitized world, it’s important to stay on the cutting edge of technology for both business and personal pursuits. Keeping in tune with the latest technological advances is particularly important for the modern career girl, especially those attempting to juggle that delicate work-life balance. In this respect, upgrading to the iPhone 6 can be an ideal way for career-oriented ladies to remain in touch with friends and family, while also staying connected to important workplace happenings.

Past iPhone versions have proven to be a real hit with women for a number of reasons. Some point to the device’s advanced social status among younger generations for its immense popularity, while others posit that the design of the iPhone is simply more in tune with the modern woman’s life. Despite the underlying reasons, studies show that iPhones are preferred by most women when it comes to mobile devices.

All New Features of the iPhone 6


Of course, the iPhone 6 with a dependable network is bound to go above and beyond its predecessors in terms of usability and convenience. Apple’s latest release is brimming with a range of exciting new features, many of which are ideal for young women on the move:

  • Improved Navigation – Apple has carefully tweaked its design of the iPhone to allow for improved navigation. For instance, accompanying software offers users a dual-screen capability, which can be a great function for perusing email on the go. This and other changes have increased the iPhone’s usability exponentially.


  • Extended Battery Life – Previous iPhones have raised the ire of many users for not possessing a longer battery life. The iPhone 6 has remedied this by affording day-long endurance, which is thanks to the latest generation processor. This allows iPhone 6 users armed with a trustworthy carrier to browse the web for up to 10 hours on the standard iPhone 6, while the iPhone 6 Plus offers 12 hours due to its larger battery.


  • Apple Pay – For those women tasked with making a majority of the purchases for a home, Apple Pay can greatly simplify the process. This feature essentially creates a digital wallet, which enables things like one-touch checkout and the ability to add credit card information by merely taking a photo. A number of major retailers are already on board, and Apple has forged partnerships with the top three credit card companies.


  • Enhanced Camera Technology – The iPhone 6 also features enhanced camera technology for capturing those important moments you want to remember for years to come. More efficient focusing capability comes courtesy of the Focus Pixels feature, which allows for phase detection auto focus. Additionally, the five-element lens enables richer, more realistic skin tones, and face detection is greatly enhanced thanks to the dedicated hardware block for this exact purpose.

Advanced A8 Processor Makes for Rapid Fire Computing


Advanced computing power is yet another great feature the iPhone 6. The newly implemented A8 processor provides 84 times the performance of the previous A7 chip. This new addition greatly enhances the computing power of the iPhone, while also enabling highly improved graphics.

Apple also claims this new chip will afford something that is known as ‘sustainable performance’. This means your iPhone will not lose performance capability over time, which can be an issue with other types of processors. The A8 design is a key component in the extended battery life mentioned above, which is an important consideration for women who rely on their smartphones for both work and play.

Get the Most Out of Advanced Design With New Apps


Apple has also made available a slew of new apps that ably highlight the many exciting features of the latest iPhone. These range from advanced photo editing software to password management systems that allow users to keep all passwords in one convenient location.

In conjunction with the iPhone’s advanced camera technology, the Litely app offers the ability to create seemingly professional photo filters for your most cherished pictures. This is great for women in search of a convenient way to capture family memories with veritable ease. As for advanced typing capabilities, the Swype app enables a smooth swiping motion instead of tapping keys when creating text messages or emails.

Technology Suited to Today’s Woman


Having it all is possible for today’s woman, from the great career to a loving and fulfilled family life. The iPhone 6 can help every woman stay connected to what matters most, no matter how busy or hectic a lifestyle she may possess.





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