The Most Common Types of Car Injuries!

car accident

Car accidents happen abruptly, and the worst part is that we can’t even be prepared for that. Though it happens suddenly, but the after-effects are far worse than the actual incident. Many people are still unaware of the common types of injuries which are caused after a car accident. So here are the most common types of car injuries:

Cuts and Wounds

Either a heavy object hits the glass, or there is a heavy bump, or you get in contact with many sharp metallic objects, etc. causes cuts and wounds.  Permanent scarring is one of the outcomes, and cosmetic surgery can be required in cases of deep cuts. In many cases, the scars fade away after a period of time.

Broken Bones and Fractures

Broken bones are very common on the shoulder side, hands, and in severe cases, it can also affect our ribs. Healing from a fracture is a very long process.   People have to face surgeries and all other sorts of therapies too. Though broken bones and fractures do not cause death,  it causes an ample amount of pain in the affected area.

Burn Injuries

Burn injuries can  not only happen when the accident disrupts the fuel tank or the gas tank.  They can also be the result of contact with hot car parts or even electrical burns.


When two vehicles collide with each other, and it causes a sudden jerk to a person’s head, it can cause whiplash injury or some other type of back injuries or neck injuries. These injuries do not cause any sort of bleeding, but cause an unbearable amount of pain.  Whiplash injuries should be treated immediately, or it can lead to certain complications, including memory loss and sleeping problems. A car accident clinic  is often used to treat whiplash.

Internal Bleeding

If the collision of two vehicles causes a person to collide with a solid object, or he or she gets pierced by a sharp object, then there is a chance of having internal bleeding. When the tissues or ligaments get affected, internal bleeding starts to occur, if immediate medical attention is not provided, it can lead to permanent damage as well.

Traumatic Brain Injury

These kinds of injuries only occur when a person has a great bump on his head, such as a hit on the dashboard, steering wheel, glass, etc. If medical assistance is not provided on time, it can lead to traumatic brain injury, which involves a long-term recovery plan to recover.

Back Injuries

When the collision causes a person’s vertebrae to get dislocated or a fracture in a spine, these types of injuries are called back injuries. These types of injuries can either be temporary or  permanent. Our brain’s activities are mostly based on the spinal cord, it helps to transmit signals throughout the body, and when a person has a problem with that communication channel,  then the whole communication process gets disrupted. If your back injury is something that affects other parts of your life, including your work, it’s wise to get help from a car accident lawyer to get compensation, which will help you move forward. 

Accidents Happen!

These were the most common types of injuries after a car accident. Though we can’t prevent accidents, but we can lower the risk of accidents. The major causes of car accidents are distracted driving, driving above the speed limit, and drunk driving.  Being cautious never hurts,  so drive safely, and always adhere to traffic rules!