How To Get The Optimum Trade Show ROI

trade show

Do you think is there a way to check how well did your trade show performed or how much your company benefited from your trade show that your boss or manager invested in? I mean there should be standard way to compare the performance of one’s trade show from an optimum performing trade show, through which one can identify if they are doing incredibly good or drastically bad or somewhere in between.

Either way by knowing the standards of comparing the performance of one’s trade show they can come up with different ways to improve their trade show ROI and  performance for an even better outcome.


Here’s a situation for you picture yourself in, assume that you just got over with your most recent trade show. For you, everything went, very well and nothing seems to be out of the ordinary you have gained new audiences and your market reach has increased a lot. Now, let’s just assume that after some time, you receive an email from your boss who is asking you  “How did the trade show event go?”

Now, here comes the problem.  What are you going to reply to him with?  Now, we cannot just give our boss a random estimate of how your trade show went, as we all know that he was the one who funded and sponsored your event and trade show, so it is his right to know how your trade show went.

What you actually need to tell your boss is your trade show’s ROI, that is “Return on Investment.”  What they want to know is how much money they made by investing in your show, how much more audience has their company gained and most importantly they want to know  how your trade show helped the company to succeed as a whole.

Here a few tips and tricks which you can use to optimize your trade show to get the highest Return on Investment.

Make Sure That You Make Use of All the Media Coverage

Commonly, the major source of increasing a new audience is by inviting new people to your trade show booth.  But if you end up being even luckier and the whole event is a lot more mainstream, then maybe more news outlets, bloggers, channels and different writers will also be there as well.

So, to get the most out of these shows and get the most media attention you will have to stand out from every other booths and show that you are worthy of their attention.

Here are a few ways to make the most out of media coverage at the event:

  • Try to get your hands on the list of all the media agencies, news channels, writers, bloggers and other media agencies who will be covering this year’s event. If you can’t get your hands on a list like that, try looking up the names of media covering agencies who covered the event in the previous years. There is a high chance that these news outlets, writers and bloggers will be visiting and covering the event this year as well.
  • Always remember, media outlets and news channels are looking for only those products who have an interesting story behind them.  So do make sure that you are portraying yourself in such a way that you stand out from every other company’s trade show booth.

Trade Show Booth ROI is probably most affected in these two ways. Now, with these few tiny steps, there is a lot of you can do to increase your return on investment.  But the most important and honest suggestion someone can give you for this is that you should make sure you portray your product very clearly and honestly, make yourself stand out and make sure you get the maximum traction for your product.


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