The Traveling Girl’s Gadget Do’s and Dont’s

With technology making life so much easier, the irony is that we are complicating our lives by ending up with more gadgets than we need to be carrying.

This is especially true when we travel. Let’s face it, a big part of the weight that we carry are gadgets that we feel we can’t live without. I say, RELAX. I mean, REALLY RELAX. Let go of the many mini-robots in your life for the duration of your vacation and only bring the essentials.

Here are my do’s and don’ts on on gadgets and traveling.

Do charge an extra battery. When going on short trips, for example an overnight one, leave the charger. Chargers are usually bulky and can take up some space in your purse. I usually carry 1-2 extra phone batteries so that I don’t have to carry a charger with all its wires. For phones with no detachable batteries, a portable charger is your savior.

Do carry a sensible camera. While everyone carries a phone nowadays, using it to take pictures will drain your precious battery. A camera can take better pictures and can also be used in activities where your phone cannot be compromised, like diving underwater or rappelling down the side of a cliff. You can buy a camera that is lightweight, sensible, but very sturdy and forgiving of rough handling. You can also choose to buy a professional camera, but a professional camera body on its own is quite a sum. It can however, guarantee you some really great photos.


Do look into luggage technology. There are so many different kinds of new and exciting bags that are practically mobile storage solutions. They keep your stuff safe and organized, and they make it easy for you to carry them around.


Don’t bother with a selfie stick! It endangers your phone from a) theft, and b) plummeting to the ground. It can also endanger others around you. Just have your friend take a picture of you.

Don’t bring your own hotspot. Unless you are on a business trip, getting connected can wait. Be in the moment. The internet is, as much as it is incredibly practical, a distraction. If you need it for the GPS, learn how to read a map. They used to exist without a satellite system telling them where to go.


Leave your hair blowers/curlers/straighteners. Sure they make you feel pretty and they are hard to part with, but they are heavy and since you use them plugged in, they are a usual gadget that is left behind in hotels and resorts.


Do you have other tips on what gadgets to bring on a trip? Let us know below!







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