The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Wedding Music Mistakes

Making a list of wedding songs to play on your big day? Trying to decide on wedding music options can be quite a challenge! Let us give you a hand and make your task a little bit easier with our ultimate list of wedding music mistakes.

Wrong place, wrong time.

First things first: the choice of the music that is right for the event is crucial.

The main focus of the wedding is the ceremony. Your service is to take place in a house of worship? Religious institutions often have certain regulations about music. Don’t forget to check with your officiant before you start scribbling away a list of your favorites. You don’t want to find out the carefully chosen song is a no-go when it’s too late to change anything.

Also, it might sound like an obvious thing to mention, but listen to the lyrics before listening to your heart when making a choice. Best love ballads often come from a broken heart. You don’t want a song about a painful break-up, jealousy or even death on your wedding.

The band doesn’t sound right

If you consider live music for weddings as the best option, don’t forget to check everything twice. Don’t settle for a recorded sample – you really need to hear the musicians play live before you make the decision. Go to their performance, if it is possible. Typically, musicians for wedding receptions have their own repertoire. Keep in mind, that each musician and band has their own music style. Even your favorite song can sound quite different from what you expect it to be.

Another thing that can influence the sound is the venue limitations. Apart from the power supply and various other restrictions, there is a matter of acoustics. Sound check is extremely important if the band hasn’t worked in the space before.


No flow

Thinking about hiring a DJ, or even consider a wedding without a DJ?  The music you choose is going to contribute a lot to the overall atmosphere. Actually, sometimes it is the music that makes all the difference between an average wedding and an unforgettable one. Hiring professionals helps to keep the flow of the wedding smooth. How many songs do you need for a wedding reception? Will the music pieces you chose for the ceremony go well one after another? Doesn’t matter if you hire a band, a DJ or decide to handle the matter yourself – you need to make sure the soundtrack of your big day isn’t ragged. It is especially important for wedding dinner music, as it involves more musical compositions, often of different genres and tempos.

The volume

Talking of wedding cocktail music, the idea is for all the guests to mingle and have a nice little chat. Control the volume. Cocktail and dinner time is for soft musical background: romantic ballads and instrumental music will do just fine. And vice versa – if the sound is not loud enough, your guests might be too shy to dance to the wedding songs you chose. If you want everyone to move their feet, the right rhythm and volume does miracles! Take a look at some amazing wedding songs ideas from Weddingforward for your perfect wedding soundtrack. Shine bright on your wedding day and enjoy the music!